“Kakusei to Psyche” by glamscure (FULL PV)

glamscure released their 1st full album “shadowscapes” today (on April 13th) and here is the full PV to the track “Kakusei to Psyche” (覚醒とプシュケ)!
See all posts about the album here!

glamscure (グラムスキュア)

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glamscure (グラムスキュア)

Debut: April 23rd 2015

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Vocal: keiosu (ケイオス)
Vocal: keiosu (ケイオス) glamscure (グラムスキュア)
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Guitar: harui (ハルイ)
Guitar: harui (ハルイ) glamscure (グラムスキュア)
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Bass: inori (祈)
Bass: inori (祈) glamscure (グラムスキュア)
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Member History

  • Vo. keiosu → Pink-Tribal, QuaLiA(Chaos) → glamscure(Keiosu), Insanity Injection(Chaos) 
  • Gt. harui → video glamour(support) → silent siren → un → pezment → glamscure
  • Ba. inori → Serpentine†Ghost → 蟻-ant- → heisabyoutou → pezment → silence, glamscure

Support members:

  • Dr. jun → heisabyoutou → kalavinka, glamscure(support)

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