THE EGOIST’s vocalist “disappeared” and the band has disbanded.

Another weird occurrence which has lead to disbandment has happened to THE EGOIST…

The band was travelling to Sendai, all together except for vocalist Rouis who by some reason wanted to go by himself. He had been complaining about his physical health one day earlier.

Vocal: Rouis

Vocal: Rouis

He never arrived though and on March 24th he was announced “missing”. No one knew if he actually had went to Sendai or not, so the band had to perform with only 4 members.

THE EGOISTSome days later, fans noticed that Rouis had deleted his twitter and line account. THE EGOIST announced a bunch of cancelled shows due to lack of contact with Rouis and Devil Kitty‘s vocalist Yu-ga and ex-Meary‘s vocalist Toki stepped in as support on April 1st. It seems like the “disappearance” didn’t mean that Rouis had been kidnapped or something, but that he rather refused to answer when the other band members contacted him.

This was THE EGOIST’s last show. Rouis kept refusing to talk the band and they decided to disband.

Personally I have a hard time to understand why people chose to simply stop answering in cases like this, instead of talking it through and making a clean break. I also don’t understand why people – in cases where no one answers the phone or mails – don’t chose to go home to that person, knock on the door and confront him/her. This situations of “disappearance” happens a bit too often within the visual kei scene. But on the other hand, I don’t know much about the circumstances here and Japanese mentally differs a lot from Swedish. 🙂 However, after something like this, it must be hard for Rouis to be trusted by another band – if he ever want to come back to the scene. Maybe he had good reasons. I wish them all the best of luck.


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Debut: July 10th 2015

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Vocal: Rouis
template-cakeJan 2nd
Setsuna (セツナ)
Guitar: Setsuna (セツナ)
template-cakeJuly 9th
Guitar: Akina
template-cakeFeb 27th
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shou (璋)
Bass: shou (璋)
template-cakeMarch 11th
Takehiro (雄大)
Drums: Takehiro (雄大)
template-cakeJune 25th

Member History

  • Vo. Rouis → Lavis → CLARIS → ruina signal → egoist →  moe love:Re →  @NNIVERSARY → Limited「E=」→ THE EGOIST
  • Gt. Setsuna →  CLARIS → ruina signal → 萌萌萌萌萌萌萌萌萌萌(tomoe) → moe love:Re → @NNIVERSARY → Limited「E=」 → THE EGOIST
  • Gt. Akina → cecil → EVOLVE → sakuran ryuuseigun(support) →  Voiceless(support) → TRIGGAH(roadie) → Limited「E=」 → THE EGOIST
  • Ba. shou → Beauty Beast Quintet → domestic → LiLiCAL(support) → LiLiCAL →  Limited「E=」→ THE EGOIST
  • Dr. Takehiro → A-kyuu kazen(take) → Lucy valentine(support) →  nekomimi(support), @NNIVERSARY(support) → Limited「E=」→ THE EGOIST

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