NEW BAND: Kizu (introduction + “Oshimai” single details + Lyric video)

KizuThis band might have had the strangest introduction I’ve ever heard of… but it sure created a buzz!

One day, a mysterious flyer appeared on different live houses. The logo “キズ” (kizu) means scar and the band was going to make their first appearance on April 18th together with bands like Dog in the PWO, Pentagon and D=OUT. There was also a mysterious number written in large characters. called the number and heard a voice saying: “The members of the band will listen to your pain, your worries, displeasure and anxiety…

Since their live debut would be accompanied with wellknown bands, they could obviusly not be newcomers to the scene. People started to speculate about who these people could be. Due to the dark concept, names like Karma (AvelCain) and Akane (D.I.D) popped up repeatedly.

Then one day, another signed appeared on their official twitter:


Takadanobabaalien at Monochrome Heaven made following translation:

“Before I start singing I want to know about the burden you carry on your backs.
These days distance between fans and the bands are closer than ever,
but for me who have never known something from the depths of the heart from fans
Let me know “who” and “what” I am singing for
I want to make some unique songs like that and for them to reach the bottom of your heart.

I’m waiting for your phone call
Vocalist of Kizu”

On February 29th, the vocalist would actually answer on the phone number given in the first flyer. People (mostly Japanese) tweeted the other day, claiming they’d called the number and talked to someone who wouldn’t give away his name. They tried to recognize the voice, but apparently it was hard. People called like crazy, but only a few made it through.

A new text appeared on their official twitter:


Takadanobabaalien at Monochrome Heaven made following translation:

“Stuff you can say because nobody knows it
Stuff you can say because you’re saying it over the phone
Scars and loneliness, now we’ve heard a lot of them
These three days can be considered our treasure.
We could not listen to all of you but,
we want to open our hearts with you and be able to speak again
Not just one sort of songs,
But we also want to hear about your “love” and “emotions” and make songs out of that.
Thank you for calling us so much.*

7th of march
18:00 Information will be revealed


And the next day they were revealed. The members we already know are lime (ex-LEZARD) and reiki (ex-LOUD GRAPE). Please have a look at them all below!

Vocal: lime (来夢)

Vocal: lime (来夢)

Guitar: reiki

Guitar: reiki

Bass: yue (ユエ)

Bass: yue (ユエ)

Drums: kyonosuke (きょうのすけ)

Drums: kyonosuke (きょうのすけ)

Personally I must say that I’m a little bit surprised that someone like lime appeared in a band with such a dark concept. But it’s not the first time that artists jumps between concepts and genres.

Kizu will release their very first single “Oshimai” (おしまい) on May 17th and you can already now listen to/watch a lyric video! What do you think?
See all posts about the single here!

Single: Oshimai (おしまい)
Release date: May 17th 2017

Type A:
1. Oshimai (おしまい)
2. Hitomidori (ヒトミドリ)
3. Tenchuu (天誅)

Type B:
1. Oshimai (おしまい)
2. Hitomidori (ヒトミドリ)
3. He no He no Moheji (へのへのもへじ)

Please have a closer look at their profile below!

Kizu (キズ)

template more band

Kizu (キズ)

Debut: April 18th 2017

template official homepage
template official twitter
template official youtube

lime (来夢)
Vocal: lime (来夢)
template-cakeNov 19th
Guitar: reiki
template-cakeJan 14th
yue (ユエ)
Bass: yue (ユエ)
template-cakeJan 25th
Drums: kyonosuke
Drums: kyonosuke (きょうのすけ)
template-cakeJan 20th

Member History

  • Vo. Lime → Kreuz NostalgiA → Kro:nos(TA+98) → Lime(solo) → LEZARD(Lime) → Kizu
  • Gt. reiki → Ryticia → LOUD GRAPEKizu
  • Ba. yue → Kizu
  • Dr. kyonosuke Kizu

template more band

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