Nollcrea keeps their promise and will disband.

Nollcrea announced in November last year that they needed at least 100 people in the audience at their anniversary one-man live in January – or they would disband.
I don’t know how many attendants there was, but I guess it wasn’t enough since Nollcrea now has announced that they actually will disband on June 6th. These kinds of conditional disbandments seem to annoy jrock fans so I keep asking myself why so many bands do it.

Nollcrea (ノルクレア)

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Nollcrea (ノルクレア)

Debut: August 12th 2015
Disband: June 6th

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Vocal: lulu 
Vocal: lulu | Nollcrea (ノルクレア)
template-cakeJuly 30th
Guitar: sena (瀬那)
Guitar: sena (瀬那) | Nollcrea (ノルクレア)
template-cakeOct 31st
Guitar: seira (聖羅)
Guitar: seira (聖羅) | Nollcrea (ノルクレア)
template-cakeDec 26th

Member History

Former members:

Support members:

  • Vo. IC → kisaragi kanna → pandora → BAELSCOPE → AIM → Nollcrea → ?

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  1. About disbandments on indie bands it is kinda a simple logic… they invest their own money and time in the band, they don’t get many people attending to their concerts plus not selling their cds/singles and goods stuff, by this vision they give up when they see the muslcal direction will don’t led anywhere.

    There is much more reasons for example, members with musical differences, problems with labels (this only apply when they are more know and have some time on scene.)

    But it is very clear that much of these new bands sounds very generic and the same… if you compare them to the 90’s visual kei era, even similar sounding bands had so many years playing with crowded concerts.

    Of course there is a bunch of new bands that have so much potential, but even major bands are disbanding today for being more and more weak in each release, many of indie PSC is a example of this, disbands of 10 years bands to try something new.

    For me they need to focus much more on musical production, that’s why “nagoya kei region” had only great bands.

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