Day: March 20, 2017

balalaika’s new look!

balalaika (バラライカ) Debut: July 4th 2016  Vocal: L July 19th O Guitar: saitou yuudai (サイトウ ユウダイ) Aug 22nd A Bass: otonashi futaba (オトナシ []

Ritsu leaves paraponera.

paraponera’s guitarist Ritsu will depart after March 31st due to family issues. paraponera (パラポネラ) Debut: June 16th 2016 Formerly known as: bullet ant (弾丸蟻) []

meruhen will disband.

meruhen will disband after April 19th. They will hold one last (sponsored) live the same date. mehuren/kikeimeruhen/kikei marchen (畸形メるへん) Formed: 2012 Disband: []