“Bangyaru saishû heiki” by Devil Kitty (FULL PV)

Devil Kitty will release their new single “Bangyaru saishû heiki” (バンギャル最終兵器) on March 15th. Here is the full PV!
See all posts about the single here!

Devil Kitty

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Devil Kitty

Formerly known as DEViL KiTTY
DEViL KiTTY formed:
October 2002
DEViL KiTTY disbanded: December 4th 2004
DEViL KiTTY last live: August 19th 2009
Vocalist yu-ga formed Devil Kitty with new lineup: 2015
Devil Kitty debut:
July 24th 2015

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Vocal: yu-ga (優雅)
Vocal: yu-ga (優雅)
template-cakeMarch 17th
Guitar: kazuto (一斗)
Guitar: kazuto (一斗)
template-cakeAug 5th
Bass: ruchi
Bass: ruchi
template-cakeDec 15th
Drums: Majyu
Drums: Majyu
template-cakeMarch 6th

Member History

  • Vo. yu-ga → Diana → Celestia(key.) → Chateau La tour(Vo.) → Kar’MariA → DEViL KiTTY(Paro→yu-ga) → [solo] → GOKIBURI → GOKIBURI , Evil! → GOKIBURI, Deadly → Devil Kitty
  • Gt. kazuto → XALTEA → GOKIBURI, Devil Kitty → Devil Kitty
  • Ba. ruchi → xTRiPxDOLLARSDevil Kitty
  • Dr. Majyu → ENEMY ZERO(AKI) → xPhearx(荒姫) → Babylon(support/aki) → Siva(support/aki) → 時空海賊SEVEN SEAS(Aki-dolich XXIII) → E’m~grief~(Majyu) → Pirates Flags ~Instrumentals of SEVEN SEAS~(Majyu Lee), Art Cube(kyoto support) → SHAPE SHIFTER(Aki Majuri), Devil Kitty(Majyu)

Former members:

  • Gt. Yura → DOOMS DAY → ESCUDO → Misery → Kilah → DEViL KiTTY → GHOST → Hi:BRiD(support) → Gakido → Hi:BRiD(support) → Hi:BRiD → HBD → Kanan
  • Gt. Sasaki → Lυτёη∀ → DEViL KiTTY(Ba.→Gt.) → MADARA(Ba.) → CELLT(Sasa) → Ehpion(support) → DOLLARS(SASA),  ボカロP
  • Ba: Shuu → Artia → Loon Eye’s Millyie → Mareli → DEViL KiTTY → Nigatsu San Juugo Nichi → Yakiniku tabe-tai → Cold rage Bullet
  • Dr. Rin → Lilith → Lilith Noir+ → Honey Killer → DEViL KiTTY → GHOST → [retired] 
  • Gt. TOTTO → L,DEAR(Vo.) → DEViL KiTTY(Gt.) → ? 
  • Gt. Reika →  La’miss†fairy → DEViL KiTTY → BRiDE of MuRDeR → ?
  • Ba. Yuune DEViL KiTTY(Ba.) → MarMalade(Gt.Yuon) → Hina(pome) → ?

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