Akinori leaves lynch.

Some weeks ago did lynch.’s bassist Akinori get arrested for “antisocial act”. It turned out that he was in possession of cannabis (or marijuana, unsure of translation – please see official message below and correct me if I’m wrong). The situation has been discussed within the band and they came to the conclusion that Akinori would depart today (December 20th), which truly is a tragic outcome for both fans as well as for the other band members.
[Edit: According to visitor’s comment below, it was marijuana. Thanks for helping me.]

Bass: Akinori (明徳)

lynch. is not over though. They will start their activities again but at the moment I don’t know when that will be. Let’s hope it will be soon.

I would never encourage anyone to use drugs, but can’t help to think it’s a bit exaggerated when possession of weed are so strictly forbidden while possession of alcohol (a drug that truly makes people do the most awful things) does not. In this case it regarded a small amount as well. But I’m not the law here. I don’t think that Akinori’s crime was bad enough to leave the band, but as the band has stated themselves; it can hurt the record company in the end. I’ve even read somewhere that the band considered to go indie again, just to make Akinori stay, but I don’t know if that’s true or not.


Official message:


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Debut: August 2004

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Hazuki (葉月)
Vocal: Hazuki (葉月)
template-cakeDec 10th 1982
Lead Guitar:
Reo (玲央)
Lead guitar: Reo (玲央)
template-cakeNov 3rd
Rythm Guitar:
Yusuke (悠介)
Rythm guitar: Yusuke (悠介)
template-cakeMay 10th
Akinori (明徳)
Bass: Akinori (明徳)
template-cakeNov 17th
Asanao (晁直)
Drums: Asanao (晁直)
template-cakeJuly 12th

Member History

  • Vo. Hazuki → KUSSE → Berry → deathgaze → deathgame → lynch.
  • Gt. Reo → Lustair → kein→ GULLET → deathgame→ lynch.
  • Gt. Yusuke  → HYBRID-ZOMBIEZ(Hisui) → lynch.(Yusuke)
  • Ba. Akinori  → ASS’n’ARRow(Akino) → meth.(AkN) → lynch.(support/akinori) → lynch.
  • Dr. Asanao  → Sicstar! → deathgame → lynch.

Support members:

  • Ba. Junji → Uma(jyunji) → gossip(support) → lynch.(support) → ?
  • Ba. Hikaru → ANGERA → Vizell → lynch.(support) → ?
  • Ba. Yukino→ Theia → Risk → kein(Gu.→Ba.) → deadman → GULLET → deathgame → lynch.(support), the God and Death stars → the studs(Ba.) → dim my division(Vo.&Gu.)→DIMMDIVISION.(Yuki Amano) → DIMMDIVISION.(Vo.&Gu.), StrangerSaid., HOLLOWGRAM(Ba.Yuki)

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