BAND INTRODUCTION: starku (lineups + singles + music videos)

Even though starku had their live debut already in February 2016, I haven’t posted anything about them yet. Mostly because I’ve been waiting for more information on their official webpage. But even though its profile section still is unfinished, I’ve decided to give you an introduction.

starku started up as a 5 member band with following lineup:

Vocal: Reno
Vocal: Reno (レノ)
Guitar: sin
Guitar: sin (シン)
Guitar: Satoshi
Guitar: Satoshi (サトシ)
Guitar: couta
Guitar: couta (コウタ)
Bass: haru
Bass: haru (ハル)

starku (スタア区。)

They released their maxi single “kodomo ROCK” on February 3rd 2016 which main track is REALLY good. Please listen to it in the video below!

Unfortunately did haru decide to depart on April 13th 2016 since he felt a need to retire from the music scene and take care of his family. Drummer keita (known from bands like LAGNA) joined in as support). So the band kept going strong and released their live-limited single “iro no nai sora no shita” on June 4th 2016 and their maxi single “sailor fuku to natsuyasumi” on July 27th 2016. Keita became a formal member of the band on June 4th 2016.

starku (スタア区。)

Here is the full PV to “sailor fuku to natsuyasumi”.

But happy times tends to have an ending, and Shin and Keita had to leave shortly after this release. Shin had been absent since August due to sickness and finally stated that he wouldn’t be able to return. Keita who very recently joined the band had to leave on September 26th due to family reasons.

As far as I know, they are a 3-member band at the moment with support artists on the side. This doesn’t hinder them from giving us a treat for Xmas though, since they will release their new maxi single “Snow Memories” on December 7th. You can listen to a sample of the tracks “Snow Memories” and “Occult Curry” in the video below.

Maxi single: Snow Memories (スノーメモリーズ)
Release date: December 7th 2016

1. Snow Memories (スノーメモリーズ)
2. Occult Curry(オカルトカレー)
3. Yuuyami Dinner Show (夕闇ディナーショー )

Sources: starku OHPMonochrome Heaven | vkdb |

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starku (スタア区。)

Debut: February 6th 2016

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Vocal: Reno (レノ)
Vocal: reno (レノ)
template-cakeMay 7th
Guitar: Satoshi (サトシ)
Guitar: satoshi (サトシ)
Bass: Kouta (コウタ)
Bass: couta (コウタ)

template-cakeAug 21st

Member History

Former members:

  • Dr. Haru → ACHE → starku → [retired]
  • Gt. Sin starku→ ?
  • Dr. Keita → neo rock ‘n roll star ace(Vo.) → Cyclone → LAGNA starku→ ?

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