I would like to inspirit you all to join a new movement to encourage people to believe in Visual Kei and its ability to grow overseas, to connect fans and strengthen the community!

I know a lot of you have this feeling of “things going down” due to all recent disbandments, especially concerning popular bands like Girugämesh and ScReW. But please remember some things:

  1. Popular bands disband all the time, but our growing channels of information (like social media) makes us more exposed to the news today than before. Hence it’s easier to feel overwhelmed by something that’s actually pretty normal.
  2. Visual Kei has never been a big industry or popular to the big mass. There has been some trends and peaks, but Visual Kei has always been an underground movement for a dedicated, but small group of fans. When the trends dies, everything goes back to normal.
  3. Visual Kei is not dead, and will not die either. While old bands disband, new ones keep popping up in the same rate and with potential to become our new favorites. Give them a chance.

Visual Kei can still grow if we keep supporting it. Hence there’s a new tag I would like to encourage you all to use: #ResurrectVK

This tag is an initiative by Chaotic Harmony Imports and encourages us all to keep supporting the music industry we love.

So please use this tag and spread the word!



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  1. I totally agree with you !
    Vkei was a trend few years ago, among japanese young people, but next was Vocaloid who now re-becomes dedicated underground phenomenon (except Miku’s sold-out giant concerts xD), japan always works by underground (or not) thing who become trend for few years before people thinks that’s anoying and not a trend anymore ^^’

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Welcome! This is not an actual news site but a personal blog, run by an ordinary person who loves visual kei. This is my space where I ventilate thoughts and values and shares happenings within the scene. My goal is to make information easy to access and to support artists and movements that I admire. Especially smaller bands that need an extra push in the djungle of major bands. English is not my native tounge so please condone my linguistic mistakes.

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