Royz’ bassist Koudai will pause activities due to cervical spondylosis.

Royz’ bassist Koudai has decided to pause band activities since he suffers from cervical spondylosis. It usually hits older people but can apparently be caused by other factors than age as well. As we know, Koudai is only 29th years old and surely isn’t old.

Bass: Koudai (公大)

Bass: Koudai (公大)

Cervical spondylosis affects joints and disks in the neck which is very painful. It also causes neck-stiffness and headache. The pain often radiate from the arms and can cause loss of feelings in hands and legs. In worst cases it affects coordination and make walking difficult. I don’t know how severe Koudai’s condition is, but let’s hope it’s treatable. There are medication available and physiotherapy is an alternative treatment.

Koudai has suffered from this condition since at least six months and was diagnosed at a doctor. Since things haven’t become better, he now decides to step aside for a while, but is still confident to come back one day.

Please recover, Koudai, and become well soon! We wait patiently for you.


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Debut: September 28th, 2009

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Vocal: Subaru (昴)
Vocal: Subaru (昴)
template-cakeFeb 14th 1992
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Guitar: Kuina (杙凪)
Guitar: Kuina (杙凪)
template-cakeJuly 5th
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Bass: Koudai (公大)
Bass: Koudai (公大)
template-cakeJuly 3rd
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Drums: Tomoya (智也)
Drums: Tomoya (智也)
template-cakeMay 11th
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Member History

  • Vo. Subaru → -DaspieR-(support) → Royz
  • Gt. Kuina → Celestial Garden(Gt.→Ba.) → Royz(Gt.)
  • Ba. Koudai → Lucia → THE CRIME → Royz
  • Dr. Tomoya → Berry → Lucifer → Re☆MaZeL(Luna) → Royz(Tomoya) 

Former members:

  • Gt. Kazuki →  Lucifer → Royz→ [retired]

Support members:

  • Gt. rey → Celestial Garden → Lilt → Royz(support) → AUTUMN LEAF crew → BLaive

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  1. I ❤ JROCK music. I am sad to hear that you are not feeling well i have worked on this special design and i hope it makes you feel better, get better soon.

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