You’s heartbreaking words to deceased Mikuru (RAVE)

We got devastating news some days ago when RAVE announced the sudden death of Mikuru. If you have missed this, please get more information here: RAVE’s guitarist Mikuru has passed away.

Bassist Ishida You wrote a heart-warming post about Mikuru on his blog and I stumbled upon a translation made by hiroki at Monochrome Heaven. I hope it’s OK to share it here with you. It truly touched my heart.

Ishida You RAVE

Ishida You – November 4th 2016:

“As has been announced, our beloved member Mikuru passed away on 10/26 at 4.51am.
This is a feeling I can’t express in words. If I’m to say something, I can only express my regrets. But that’s nothing compared to the regrets of he who had battled so hard against his illness in the hope of returning.
To our fans, and especially fans of Mikuru: you’re probably in pain and feeling miserable right now. You probably wish to meet him.
I feel the same.

This might sound a little foolish, but I strongly believe that I’ll get to see Mikuru again.
Of course, it would not be in the real world.
But in my memories, in my dreams. And because I’m also a human being I’ll die one day. Maybe in the afterlife? Or maybe in another lifetime?
If you listen to our recordings his sound is there. All the songs he has written will remain.
Please, never forget him.
As long as you do that, RAVE’s Mikuru will continue to live on.

Sorry for not being able to tell you what he suffered from. There will be people who won’t be able to accept this, and there will certainly be speculations. Since it was his request we’re unable to say more than this, but as we’ve said before it’s neither a psychological condition nor any illness to be ashamed of. And because I’ve been told to not reveal it, I’ll leave it at this.
I’ll also write a little about my own thoughts.

For 2 months after our 4th anniversary live in August at LIQUID ROOM, I began to harbor a lot of doubts about myself. Fans started to ask me questions like “you don’t seem too good lately, are you fine?” and “aren’t lives fun anymore?”
All of this despite the fact that we’re here to make all of you happy, and you came with expectations to enjoy our lives. I’m sorry that I’ve caused you to worry.
In fact I wasn’t even able to pay Mikuru a visit when he was ill, because my thoughts wandered to various things and I felt like I was on the verge of breaking down.

Perhaps our CEO had noticed that, and she contacted me and dragged me to visit Mikuru together. That was the first time I saw Mikuru in about 2 months. This happened in mid-October.
“I know you’re lonely to be alone at the shimote [*left side of the stage where the bassist and guitarist stand],” he said. These were words that even I couldn’t bring myself to tell him.
And then with a very different look in his eyes, “it will be fine” – that was all he said.
I realized that he was battling really hard to get back, and it dawned on me how pathetic I was. At that moment all my doubts and troubles vanished. Because of him, I was able to look forward again.
That was the last time I saw him.

I think there were lots of things he still wanted to do and see. When discussions of a possible disbandment came up at the start of this year, Mikuru said that he wanted to stand on the stage of Budoukan some day. That wouldn’t be easy at all, but we are going to do our utmost to try to achieve his dream. We are the only ones left who are able to protect Mikuru’s existence [as a RAVE member] and what’s precious to our dear fans.
So please come and see us – even if it’s only after taking time to sort out your feelings.
We will continue to chase after our dreams.
And we will continue to create dreams for all of you.

Dear Runrun [*Mikuru’s nickname]:
Lots of things happened in the last 4 years, but it had been a really fun time.
We talked to each other so much, played music together, encountered difficulties together, had conflicts, and so on. I didn’t think we would play in the same band when I first met you, but I was glad we did. I won’t be lost anymore, so please leave the shimote to me and rest well for now. And as Renren had said in his condolatory message: even if it’s a few hundred years or a few thousand years from now, let’s be a 5-man band together again! It’s a promise.

See you later.”

You's heartbreaking words to deceased Mikuru (RAVE)

/Translation by hiroki at Monochrome Heaven
Original post: これまでと、これか

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  1. rip the amount of death on this website always makes me sad tbh. not in a sense of “wow you’re so morbid” and whatnot, but in a sense of…i don’t know how to explain it. i guess i just see more jrockers dying than any other musicians that i listen to? and it hurts each time.

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