KILLANETH will disband (WTF)

What the… I didn’t see this coming at all… I got totally shocked when I just saw that KILLANETH is going to disband. Last chance to see them live will be on December 12th at Shibuya Milky Way. All other gigs after that have been… cancelled! The reason behind their decision is said to be “differences in musical directions”. We’ve heard that before, right? I doubt that’s all though. Something much bigger must have happened if they cancel shows and disappoints their fans this sudden way.

Personally, I find these news depressing, ’cause I really liked them. I went to Tokyo and saw them live in September and were positively surprised. I even planned to see them again in March, if their schedule would match my traveling plans. They. Were. Awesome. Live.

I truly hope there’s nothing too serious behind the disbandment. I hope everyone is healthy and happy and eager to come back, maybe in separate bands. Kai surely MUST come back somehow, ’cause he is a top-entertainer.

I guess we just have to wait and see…

Here follows a translation of Nihit’s blog post from November 5th. Maybe it can shed some light over this. It is translated by Waru Child on Monochrome Heaven. Big thanks, Waru Child!

Guitar: Nihit



“First of all, I am sorry that it came to this announcement.
what concerns killaneth that suddenly…
I think no one can really accept reality

the announcement status is:
from last year on the 29th of October we started,
we stop that soon with not even a year (of activity)

I think, cause of it was too shortlived I also feel misarable.
I think that there is still some way for a bright future for this band.
I am still guitarist who wrote the songs for this band.

We/I cannot accept the fact that we’re breaking up yet but
I think it is a breakup because we the members have been these 4 people
Also If I am wrong, would you please so kind to hold on a little longer.


if it hadn’t been for the 4 of us,
we wouldn’t have been able to call it such a cool band.

If someone is missing we’d break up, that was decided from the start on
we were a band with such an image!
Therefore I don’t think, that I have to regret our meeting, and this almost a year (of being active) was also not at all an useless time.

Seraph. and Apocrypha are what was left behind in this world
and I think, that nothing more than meeting all of the fans, made me happy.
although we should have had nothing but hopes

I think that, nothing is lost, that now is no way to regret, but
a personal feeling whispers, that we have to to run swiftly until the end.
Thus from here on it is my own matter (my own point of view), but…

I’m seriously anxious/insecure about whether I’ll be able to make/have a band that is even better than Killaneth

Also if i can’t promise and affirm that we/I will come back on stage,
The stories/conversations we/I’ve received so far and those that might be yet to come I/we/ will compare and then considerate

I think, if regrets and so on are left over, because thing are left undone, I want to die.

Also if it was for a short time, thank you so much for having interest in Killaneth.
With only that much left, please remember us/ best regards.



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Formed: December 29th 2015
February 25th 2016
Disband: December 12th 2016

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 Vocal: kai (丐)
Vocal: kai (丐)
template-cakeMay 12th
Guitar: Nihit
Guitar: Nihit
template-cakeMay 26th
Bass: rushi (ルシ)
Bass: rushi (ルシ)
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Drums: saku (39)
Drums: saku (39)
template-cakeJuly 21st

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  1. They only just debuted? Maybe they thought their fan base wasn’t big so they could just slip away. But that’s not how it works unfortunately…

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