Mako’s feelings regarding Toka’s absence (Vexent guitarist gone missing)

As mentioned in an earlier post “Vexent’s guitarist is missing“, Vexent’s guitarist Toka has been missing since October 20th. The band put an “urgent announcement” online, asking anyone with information about Toka’s disappearance to contact them on their STAFF’s TWITTER. Please read this post to learn the background.

Guitar: Toka (燈華)

Guitar: Toka (燈華)

Here’s a short follow up, since Vexent’s vocalist Mako described his feelings in a blogpost on October 31st.
See blogpost here.

Vocal: Mako (真虎)

Vocal: Mako (真虎)

The post has been translated by verwelktesgedicht @ tumblr:

“I’m sorry we stood on stage with only the four of us all of a sudden.
Speaking of the current situation, neither the members nor the staff could come into contact with Touka.
The details… Looking again at the message I sent him on my way home, it tells me he has only read it but has never sent anything or replied to it. 

First of all, I’m relieved because the fact that he has read it confirmed that he’s alive.
But at the same time I’m a bit angry. He left everything up to the members. Thinking about the feelings of Touka’s fans, some of them are even fans from earlier times, thinking about the staff members who are always giving their best for us, thinking about the feelings of you Villains that were looking forward to Vexent’s live schedule… it makes me really angry.

And then… We don’t know what will happen regarding Touka from now on. And Vexent’s activity and the Oneman tour we four have now talked about. When we come to a solution we’ll announce it but for now I just wanted to write this and let you know what’s going on.

I’ll update my blog again when we’ve decided what will happen to Vexent.

Vexent Mako”

In other words, the band members have still not been able to contact Toka. 😦 And there’s been no news concerning Toka being fired.


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Debut: July 14th 2015

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Vocal: Mako
Vocal: Mako (真虎)
template-cakeJune 9th
Guitar: Toka
Guitar: Toka (燈華)
template-cakeSep 25th
Guitar: Mirai
Guitar: Mirai (未来)
template-cakeJan 10th
Bass: Yuito
Bass: Yuito (ゆいと)
template-cakeDec 4th
Drums: Levi
Drums: Levi (レビ)
template-cakeDec 25th

Member History

  • Vo. Mako → Vexent
  • Gt. Toka → miranofuu → → Vexent(Toka)
  • Gt. Mirai → Vexent
  • Ba. Yuito → GLEIVE → Vexent
  • Dr. Levi → 2nd Dyz(Hiko) → Vexent

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