MIKARU – solo show and art exhibition in Poland SOON!

The multi-talented and stunningly handsome Mikaru (G.L.A.M.S, BLACKLINE) will go to Poland in a few days for an exclusive solo show and art exhibition. You sure don’t want to miss this!

MIKARU / G.L.A.M.SDate: Sat Oct 8, 2016
Place: Japanicon 2016, Poznan, Poland
All day: painting exhibition
4.30pm: exclusive solo show
6pm: signing session at the merchandise booth
10pm: fan meeting and Q&A

Please check out the Facebook Event!
Management: REALive

MIKARU / G.L.A.M.S MIKARU / G.L.A.M.SBiography (from press release):
“MIKARU (G.L.A.M.S) is a singer/songwriter from Tokyo, Japan, well-known for having been the leader and vocalist of the bands DIO – Distraught Overlord and Black Line. He started his multidisciplinary art project, G.L.A.M.S, at the end of 2013. He’s now active as a musician (solo & band), painter, and jeweler.

Mikaru started his career as a vocalist in the VK band DIO-Distraught Overlord, started in 2006 in the area of Tokyo, Japan, by the label Red-List Entertainment. It was only a few months before DIO’s dazzling breakthrough show at Japan Expo, Paris, France, in July 2007, and several successful international tours. DIO-Distraught Overlord became one of the very first Japanese visual-kei bands to play all over Europe, and they were able to quickly reach a very special status among the J-Rock fans everywhere. Even now, they remain a symbol of this very active and exuberant era for Japanese music in Europe. They came back for an ultimate revival tour in 2016.

After the break-up of DIO and the final show in 2009, MIKARU and DENKA (DIO’s drummer) gathered to create a new project, Black Line, with new members. MIKARU strayed from the dark, vampiric visual of DIO, to drift onto a new pop, glam style. He started to paint and design CD artwork. When Black Line came to an end, the roots of MIKARU’s long-prepared project, G.L.A.M.S, had already begun to grow.MIKARU / G.L.A.M.S

MIKARU announced the birth of G.L.A.M.S in December 2013 at Black Line’s last live. G.L.A.M.S made their official debut as a multidisciplinary project at an art exhibition in Paris, “Paris 7 Days”, where Mikaru exhibited his paintings and sang G.L.A.M.S first single, “Under the Moon”.

Besides MIKARU, G.L.A.M.S is composed of several ex-members of DIO and Black Line. DENKA (now called Syu) is the DJ and drummer, while Erina (DIO) and Yudai (Black Line), are the current guitarists. The bassist, Tetsuto, is one of Mikaru’s closest friends. G.L.A.M.S performance on stage is variable, from a solo show to a full-band setup. In 2014 and 2015, G.L.A.M.S toured in Europe, while in 2016, they got their first tour in Latin America.
They released a mini-album, Under the Moon.

MIKARU performed as for the first time a solo artist in Switzerland, in March 2016.
He will be back to Europe for an exclusive showcase in Poznan, Poland on October 8th, 2016. MIKARU will exhibit some of his oil paintings for the first time in Poland. The exhibition will be open for one day only; some exclusive merchandise and art reproductions will be available.
No doubt that Mikaru’s deep and warm voice, along with his appealing stage performance, will make his Polish fans happy.”


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G.L.A.M.S. | MikaruArtist: Mikaru
Other bands: BLACK LINE
Birthday: Dec 8th 1988
Debut: 2014

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