Personal concert review: MEABEL at Ikebukuro Black Hole (Sept 24th)

This is one of my personal posts. On September 24th I went to a whole-day-visual-key event at Ikebukuro Black Hole (Tokyo) called “Dark in the DarkVol.45~ジャック in the ハンター2016”.

There was 14 bands performing and I will give you my review about almost each and everyone of them, but in separate posts (takes time to write them all). But you can see all current ones at this link!

11th band on stage was: MEABEL
They had the same look as on the picture below. (Nao wasn’t there though, since he departed in May.)



This is not the first time I watch a band that I know will disband soon, but I never get used to the feeling. It feels strange. Like if you don’t know how much you should get involved or attached to them. However, their disbandment (in December) is a tragedy, ’cause they are really, really good. MEABEL was one of the peaks this night.

Their outfits are gorgeous and soooo sexy. When aya, the vocalist, took of his jacket, he revealed a small corset with lacing on the sides and somehow attached with bretelles. It didn’t take long before he removed the bretelles as well, letting them hang on the sides and revealed two big tattoos, one of each side of his chest. He actually had a lot of tattoos on his upper body.

Vocal: aya (彩)

Vocal: aya – selfie from this night

The music and performance was intense and expressive. They gave absolutely everything. Maybe ’cause they knew their journey together is about to end. Jey danced, head-banged and moved around a lot. Koudai smiled a lot. A lovely smile. Koudai pointed at fans and flirted and there was another moment of “wall of death”.

Saizen leaned forward on the stage and Jey sat down on one of them. May sound weird to a westerner, but it’s a common thing at Japanese visuel kei concerts. I thought over and over that I want to see more of MEABEL. I want to see them again. But I will not have the chance. They rocked HARD and even though I was very tired at this time (they were the 11th band performing this day after all), they somehow gave me energy back.

Bass: toga (咎)

Bass: toga – selfie from this night

When they were done, aya gave us the biggest smile ever and shouted: “THANK YOU”!

But I would like to say: “Thank YOU MEABEL.”
You were wonderful! ❤

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Debut: April 14th 2015
Disband: December 13th 2016

Vocal: aya (彩) | MEABEL Guitar: Koudai | MEABEL Guitar: nao (仍) | MEABEL Bass: toga (咎) | MEABEL Drums: Miya | MEABEL
Vocal: aya (彩) Guitar: Koudai Guitar: nao (仍) Bass: toga (咎) Drums: Miya

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