Personal concert review: balalaika at Ikebukuro Black Hole (Sept 24th)

This is one of my personal posts. On September 24th I went to a whole-day-visual-key event at Ikebukuro Black Hole (Tokyo) called “Dark in the DarkVol.45~ジャック in the ハンター2016”.

There was 14 bands performing and I will give you my review about almost each and everyone of them, but in separate posts (takes time to write them all). But you can see all current ones at this link!

12th band on stage was: balalaika
They had the same look as on the picture below.

balalaika (バラライカ)

I’ve been eager to see L on stage again, ever since I got the chance to see “The 3rd Birthday” at Ikebukuro EDGE last year (before they disbanded).

This gig started hard and heavy. I guess most of us got fascinated by otonashi futaba’s extravagant look; feather-decorated long black and white hair and super-white and thick eyelashes embracing sharp red lenses.

Bass: otonashi futaba (オトナシ フタバ)

Bass: otonashi futaba – selfie taken the same day

L head-banged so deep I thought he was going to hit the floor and saitou yuudai smiled like a happy child, covered in rivets. He’s handsome. ^_-

Guitar: saitou yuudai

Guitar: saitou yuudai – selfie taken the same day

I like their new look. L was covered in regular leather and patent leather, decorated with metallic details. His eyes were yellow and red which kind of popped through his dark heavy makeup. At one point he made a weird robot-like dance, leaned forward and stretched out his crooked arms to the sides. This reminded me of Ruki (the GazettE).

One moment  saitou yuudai picked up something that looked like a violin bow and played his guitar with it. That noise was very strange. Don’t know if I can say it sounded good. But cool idea!

balalaika’s music was good, but since I’m a bit nostalgic, I still think that The 3rd Birthday sounded better. But I absolutely recommend everyone to see balalaika live and they definitely had many fans in the crowd.

Here is a short movie with katase kei and otonashi futaba, which they recorded this day.

template more band

balalaika (バラライカ)

Debut: July 4th 2016

template official homepage
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 Vocal: L

Vocal: L

template-cakeJuly 19th
Guitar: saitou yuudai
(サイトウ ユウダイ)
Guitar: saitou yuudai (サイトウ ユウダイ)
template-cakeAug 22nd
Bass: otonashi futaba
(オトナシ フタバ)
Bass: otonashi futaba (オトナシ フタバ)
template-cakeOct 28th
Drums: katase kei
(カタセ ケイ)
Drums: katase kei (カタセ ケイ)
template-cakeDec 26th

Member History

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