Personal concert review: ZAKLIA at Ikebukuro Black Hole (Sept 24th)

This is one of my personal kind of posts. On September 24th I went to a whole-day-visual-key event at Ikebukuro Black Hole (Tokyo) called “Dark in the DarkVol.45~ジャック in the ハンター2016”.

There was 14 bands performing and I will give you my review about almost each and one of them, but in separate posts (takes time to write them all). But you can see all current ones at this link!

7th band on stage was: ZAKLIA
They had the same look as on the picture below.


Due to all ZAKLIA-towles in the hands of Saizen, I didn’t have to guess which band was next. When the show was about to start, it all turned dark and a screen turned up. By some reason did everybody sit down, so I did too.

They showed us a movie. I think it was part of a horror movie or similar. It was very short. The screen disappeared and the curtain got removed. We saw an empty stage and a white simple mask hanging on the microphone standing.

One by one did the members enter to the audience’s delight. But I could already from the beginning see that there was something lacking in Kyoga’s presence (the vocalist). I felt a distance to him the whole concert through.

Vocals: Kyoga (響牙)

Vocals: Kyoga – selfie takane this night

They started their gig with heavy music with a lot of headbanging furi. Kyoga was more or less dancing with us all the time, showing us exactly how to move to each and every song. He did that with a stone face.

Angelo is really cute live. His hair was so long and flat. It suited him. And he smiled a lot, in contrast to Kyoga who never changed his face expression.

Guitar: Angelo (あんじぇろ)

Guitar: Angelo – selfie taken this night

I got a little bit disappointed, ’cause ZAKLIA is a band I like after all. But Kyoga seemed so extremely bored and inappreciative of his fans that it turned me off. Such a contrast to Awa in BUK BUK! I know it’s a popular image of some visual kei artists to act negligent like that, but I simply don’t buy it. Show some emotions!

They forced us to a wall of death early and it was just as indifferent as Kyoga’s passion. Even when he told us to come closer to grab their arms, he seemed totally absent. In one song he’s supposed to laugh like an insane person, and it sounded well, but you could not see a glimpse of insanity in his eyes.

Bass: Shun (竣)

Bass: Shun – selfie taken this night

So I must admit that I expected more. I think the best thing of this gig was the music itself, and that part when they told us all to get down and headbang on the floor. I like that. 🙂

Bass: Shun (竣)

Shun took a picture together with Ayaka (SchwarzKain ) this night.

I decided to buy one their CD though, the one that contained my favorite ZAKLIA-song from this night.


sato was the one behind the merchandise table and it was fun to have a short chat with him, even though his English was as poor as my Japanese. 🙂

Drums: sato (郷)

Drums: sato – selfie taken this night

That mask on stage was never touched. I wonder why it was there.

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Formed: August 3rd 2014
Changed their name: from “Theatrical Rock Horror Musical 「ZAKLIA」” to “ZAKLIA” on March 24th 2016.

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Kyoga (響牙)
Vocals: Kyoga (響牙)
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Angelo (あんじぇろ)
Guitar: Angelo (あんじぇろ)
template-cakeFeb 12th
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Shun (竣)
Bass: Shun (竣)
template-cakeMarch 12th
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sato (郷)
Drums: sato
template-cakeAug 3rd
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Member History

  • Vo. Kyoga → FUNNY HEEL → CERES → sistina → JILLS BLUE ROSES → JiLZ(麻夜→Maya) → JilZ★ → LiLiCAL → kuro zakuro → ZAKLIA(Kyoga)
  • Gt. Angelo → Wistaria → ANEMONE is HERE → Primary Glow → Zephiranthes → ZAKLIA
  • Ba. Shun → ZAKLIA
  • Dr. sato →  ZAKLIA

Support members:

  • Dr. waju → DECADE(waju) → JiLZ → JilZ★ →LiLiCAL → ZAKLIA(support) → LIEVRE CLAY
  • Dr. Yuu → palette (support) → kazari→ Dew(support) → DyIng messagE → Kimi wa surudoku(support), 6→7(support), JyuLie(support), Re^ve(support), Cardinal(support) → Kimi wa surudoku(support), SeaR/Lene(support) → Kuroyuri to kage(support), Betty(support), ZAKLIA(support), VABEL(support) → ?

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