Personal concert review: La’veil MizeriA at Ikebukuro Black Hole (Sept 24th)


This is one of my more personal kind of posts. I’m in Tokyo right now and on September 24th I went to an whole-day-visual-key event at Ikebukuro Black Hole called “Dark in the DarkVol.45~ジャック in the ハンター2016”.

There was 14 bands performing and I will give you my review about almost each and one of them, but in separate posts (takes time to write them all). But you can see all current ones at this link!

3rd band on stage was: La’veil MizeriA

Even though they’ve been active for six years, I don’t know so much about them, so I was very curious. They had the same look as on the picture below.

La'veil MizeriA

La’veil MizeriA

I noticed that many girls in saizen (the first row of fans (the super fans), who rotates depending on the band) wore bloody clothing, so I thought next band would be BUK BUK or something similar. But it wasn’t. Instead it was La’veil MizeriA.

They entered the stage to solemn violin music. They looked amazing, but their support bassist was so skinny I couldn’ help to wonder why. I don’t judge any body-shape, but in this case it couldn’t be anything else but a disease. It made me worried. I hope he is OK.

Their appearance and sound made me feel nostalgic, like if I were taken back in time to the 80s or 90s. Both their sound and look reminded me of old-school visual kei. Super white faces, sharp black eye-makeup, colorful big fluffy hair-styles, serious faces… The vocalist – kikyo – was the only one with non-fluffy hair. His was shiny, flat, long and red/purple/pink colored.

I would say that I found their sound as a mixture of Cynthia and Dir En Grey. I don’t think it’s easy for a regular westerner to fall in love with.

Guitar: 邪鬼 -jyaki-

Guitar: 邪鬼 -jyaki-

In difference to many other visual kei bands of today, their sound was very far away from western sounds. Their music truly sounded like asian rock. It was a crazy band and it got pretty chaotic on stage sometimes. kikyo laughed like if he was insane (I refer to Dir En Grey’s original “Zan”) – and he looked insane too.

At Japanese visual kei concerts, there are parts where saizen-girls bend over the stage so the rest of the fans can run and bump into them. At one point I saw that the band pulled one of these girls up and pushed her to the floor with her head first. To me – who wasn’t prepared – it looked quite mean. All I could see was some white stockings, white laced socks and tiny girl butt being dragged up on stage. She disappeared and I couldn’t see her for a while. I wondered what happened to that poor thing.

kikyo laughed even louder and more crazy. The band made loud and weird noises with the instruments. And so, suddenly, that little girl on stage managed to get on her feet and tried to run off stage. But yu, the suppot guitarist, grabbed her arm and pushed her back to the center of the stage where she stumbled and fell to the floor again.

yu (suppot guitarist)

yu (suppot guitarist)

By some reason I hadn’t seen this ritual before and got quite confused. “Is this behaviour OK?”, I wondered.

But after a while I noticed that more and more fans got dragged up on stage and pushed around – and seemed happy about it – so probably it’s a normal thing here. If people are happy, I am happy.

It was truly chaotic times to times. I found them… interesting.

La'veil MizeriA

La’veil MizeriA

template more band

La’veil MizeriA

Debut: May 10th 2012

template official homepage
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kikyo (祈狂)
Vocal: kikyo (祈狂)
template-cakeFeb 28th
jyaki (邪鬼)
Guitar: jyaki (邪鬼)
Support Guitar:
yu (佑)
Support guitar: yu (佑)
template-cakeSep 19th
miria (ミリア)
Support bass: miria (ミリア)
template-cakeMay 12th
yuna (結汝)
Drums: yuna (結汝)
template-cakeOct 30th

Member History

Former members:

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