Personal concert review: stigma at Ikebukuro Black Hole (Sept 24th)

Hi again!

This is one of my more personal kind of posts. I’m in Tokyo right now and on September 24th I went to an whole-day-visual-key event at Ikebukuro Black Hole called “Dark in the DarkVol.45~ジャック in the ハンター2016”.

There was 14 bands performing and I will give you my review about almost each and one of them, but in separate posts (takes time to write them all). But you can see all current ones at this link!

2nd band on stage was: stigma (スティグマ)

They had the same look as on the picture below.


I’m pretty sure that inori (the vocalist) wore a wig. No Japanese can bleach his hair that much and still keep that super-silky quality of it, right? Unfortunately, wigs are a little bit of a turn-off for me. Extensions is OK, but whole wigs… nooo… I’m sorry.

Their outfits were really sexy though, so it was truly an eye-candy band. Both inori and tsugumi showed their thighs which I like. 😛 (As an old Uruha fan maybe.)

hizumi did this thing that jrockers do sometimes and that I find a bit cheezy… you know, they point at someone in the audience and do some flirty gesture. Like “Hey, YOU are special! I want to f***k you!” And then they point at the next one and do the same thing.

the band just before the show

The band just before the show

To be honest, I didn’t have any expectations of stigma and was quite hard in my judgement in the beginning. But I took it back later. The music was really good live. I forgive the wig.

When the light intensly flickered, inori’s silouette looked really cool with those big, pointy, black horns. Unfortunately, the horns and the wig hindered him from headbanging much (Another let-down with wigs).

Sometimes, they actually reminded me of GRIEVA, which is a band I really love. But just a little bit. However, they seemed to be a favorite among the audience, very popular. Fans were dancing a lot.

stigma usually carry around a big head in plastic. They put it up sometimes, just for show. enishi, who seemed to be the “a little bit crazy one” in the band threw it back and forth before he drop it to the floor and they initiated next song.

Enishi before the show

Enishi before the show

The vocalist gave us some fan-service as well, even though it was a bit discreet. Just holding his hand low, covering his crotch. I don’t want to be too negative, but he was really boring as an entertainer. His face was expressionless and there was no real connection with the audience (according to me). I was like: “Please make something with you face! Smile! Look angry! Look crazy!”

But the music is the most important part and it was totally OK. ^_-


template more band

stigma (スティグマ)

Started up as: continual session band “cobra butai” (コブラ部隊).
Cobra butai debut: September 21st 2014
Changed into formal band “rakuin”: May 3rd 2015
Changed name to stigma: August 28th 2015

template official homepage
template official twitter
template official youtube

Vocal: inori (祈)
Vocal: inori (祈)
template-cakeMay 24th
Guitar: tsugumi (鶫)
Guitar: tsugumi (鶫)
template-cakeApril 3rd
Bass: enishi (縁)
Bass: enishi (縁)
template-cakeApril 5th
Drums: hizumi (歪)
Drums: hizumi (歪)
template-cakeMarch 2nd

Member History

  • Vo. inori → DOGMA → sigma(atsu) → cobra butai → rakuin(inori) → stigma
  • Gt. tsugumi → Sacrifice → B.C → DILIAL → sigma(akito) → cobra butai → rakuin(tsugumi) → stigma
  • Ba. enishi → Ogre → Madison → varell → AngreeD → sigma(zen) → cobra butai → rakuin(enishi) → stigma
  • Dr. hizumi → sigma(mitsuki) → cobra butai → rakuin(hizumi) → stigma

template more band

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