“Agehacho osamu yume” by Scarlet Valse (FULL PV)

Scarlet Valse will release their new mini album “Darkness Circus” in October. Here is a PV preview to the track “Agehacho osamu yume” (揚羽蝶乃夢), re-recorded version.
Please see more details about the album here!

Scarlet Valse

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Scarlet Valse

Debut: Sep 22nd 2011

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Vocal: Kakeru
Vocal: Kakeru | Scarlet Valse
template-cakeJuly 12th
Guitar: You
Guitar: You | Scarlet Valse
template-cakeJan 21st
Guitar: Jun
Guitar: Jun | Scarlet Valse
template-cakeDec 15th
Bass: Takuya
Bass: Takuya | Scarlet Valse
template-cakeOct 25th
Drums: Yo-hey
Drums: Hiroki | Scarlet Valse
template-cakeNov 25th

Member History

  • Vo. Kakeru → Sephiroth → バル, 鹿鳴戦隊, KKR Project → Rail Tracer → Scarlet Valse
  • Gt. You → Setsuna → RAPT → Bang-Doll → Sylphy → ☆Yokohama Bay Rock Stars☆, Rail Tracer(support) → ☆Yokohama Bay Rock Stars☆, Rail Tracer → Scarlet Valse
  • Gt. Jun → Rail Tracer(support) → Rail Tracer → Scarlet Valse
  • Ba. Takuya → Atelier → Spider lily(support) → Spider lily → nijiiro gekka → nijiiro gekka(Takuya), Fukumoka(collon) → Fukumoka(collon), Lauder(Takuya) → Louder → Scarlet Valse
  • Dr. Yo-hey → Prime A Dees → 恋 → 恋, DEATH PROJECT → DEATH PROJECT → FF → FUGA → Pan-d-ra → Pan-d-ra, Scarlet Valse

Former members:

  • Ba. I → Fantom → BALSE, Fantom(support) → BALSE, FANTOM(support), Rail Tracer → Rail Tracer → Scarlet Valse→  ?
  • Dr. Hiroki → BADGE-X → Setsuna → Bang-Doll → BADGE-X, Rail Tracer(support) → Scarlet Valse → ?
  • Dr. BANZON Scarlet Valse → [left due to major health problems]

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