“honoo no tomoshibi” by Zin (single details + PV preview)

Zin’s last vocalist Riku had to leave due to sad circumstances and guitarist Luy took over the mike. Now will be the first time for many of us to hear what he sounds like, ’cause below is a PV preview to their new single! Check it out!

Yep, zin will release their new maxi single “honoo no tomoshibi” in September.

Maxi single: honoo no tomoshibi (焔ノトモシビ)
Release date: September 28th 2016

1. honoo no tomoshibi (焔ノトモシビ)
2. sono kokoro (ソノココロ)
1. honoo no tomoshibi (焔ノトモシビ) -music video-

Zin (ジン)

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Zin (ジン)

Debut: Oct 7th 2012

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Vocal: Luy
Vocal: Luy
template-cakeAug 12th
Guitar: Yoshi
Guitar: Yoshi
template-cakeJuly 26th
Bass: Orochi
Bass: Orochi
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Drums: Saku
Drums: Saku
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Member History

  • Vo. Luy → Zin(Gt→Vo)
  • Gt. Yoshi → Ego Immortalize → Armeria → Zin
  • Ba. Orochi → LAGING →  Zeak (support) → Zin
  • Dr. Saku → ballad(Showta) → Zin

Former members:

  • Vo. Riku → ballad → Zin → ?

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