Artemis and the singer-curse!

I think Artemis is cursed!
They got a singer curse!
Last year they lost their vocalist Grave.

Vocal: Grave

Vocal: Grave

He was replaced by vocalist, bunji!

Vocal: bunji (文治) | Artemis

Vocal: bunji (文治)

And now they announce that bunji will depart as well.
Seems like no one wants to sing in that band..?
Well, to be fair, I have no idea of the reasons behind this. If you know, please share with us. I truly hope it’s nothing tragic.

However, it doesn’t seem like the remaining guys feel like searching a vocalist anew. Instead, Nagi, Hiroya and Zoe will depart on September 17th. The band will be on hiatus, with only Yuki as remaining member…

Artemis | Artemis


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Debut: 2008
Hiatus: September 17th 2016

Vocal: bunji (文治) | Artemis Guitar: Yuki | Artemis Guitar: Nagi | Artemis Bass: Hiroya | Artemis Drums: Zoe | Artemis
Vocal: bunji (文治) Guitar: Yuki Guitar: Nagi Bass: Hiroya Drums: Zoe

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bunji bunji bunji: A bunji: Oct 3rd
Yuki Yuki Yuki: B Yuki: Sep 17th
Nagi Nagi Nagi: ? Nagi: July 26th
Hiroya Hiroya Hiroya: B Hiroya: June 21st
Zoe Zoe Zoe: B Zoe: Dec 9th

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