Lydiar will disband.

Another – not so long-lived – band that will disband.
Lydiar has announced that they will end their journey after their live at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE on November 6th.


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Debut: April 3rd 2015
Disband: November 6th 2016

 Vocal Coyomi (暦) | Lydiar  Guitar: mashu (茉柊) | Lydiar  Bass: riku (りく) | Lydiar  Drums: junya (純弥) | Lydiar
Vocal: Coyomi (暦) Guitar: mashu (茉柊) Bass: riku (りく) Drums: junya (純弥)

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Coyomi Coyomi Coyomi: A Coyomi: March 24th
mashu mashu mashu: O mashu: Sept 21st
riku riku riku: AB riku: April 11th
junya junya junya: O junya: March 15th

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