“I’m really a useless person.” – vocalist Riku had to leave Zin.

Shocking news, but still not surprising. It’s a quite weird paradox and in this case it’s pretty sad. It’s always worrying when the vocalist must leave a band due to conflicts.
This is how I see the situation, but please correct me if I’ve misunderstood anything.

Zin (ジン)Depression and mental illness seem to be pretty common within the visual kei scene. Well, actually it seems to be pretty common in entire Japan, a country in which too much pressure is put on people due to a complex culture.

Vocal: Riku

Vocal: Riku

Zin’s vocalist Riku hasn’t been well lately and it has many times been referred to as “health problems”. He has now in a last blog-entry revealed that he has suffered from depression and even been hospitalized because of it, which I personally believe is the real case behind his absence.

In April last year, he took some time off from band activities due to “health problems” that started already in January. He came back to the band already in May. Maybe that “time off” wasn’t long enough?

Vocal: Riku | Zin (ジン)A while ago it was announced that Riku wouldn’t attend to any of the band’s lives since July 22nd. The reason was described as “personal reasons”.

And so, some weeks ago, the announcement came about Riku departing entirely. It was Riku himself who announced the news in a private post on his blog.
That’s. Not. Good.

As far as I understand, this post was not supported by the band or management. Riku claimed that they had locked him out from both Twitter and Ameblo (by changing the passwords) and that he suspected the post to be erased. It’s still there, but the other members have apologized for Riku’s choice to announce it all on his own record.

Vocal: Riku | Zin (ジン)Riku’s message is heart-breaking and full of self-reproach for not showing up at lives. He calls himself “useless person” and wish he could say “Good Bye” to his fans in a proper way, on stage. “With a smile”.

Here is a partial translation of Riku’s blog entry. It’s translated by Wataru’s Punching Bad on Monochrome Heaven:

“I just wanted to sing one last time in front of you.
I wanted to give a departure live.
I wanted to tell you, the fans who liked my songs, directly in my own words and not on this blog that I’m sorry for breaking my promise to continue singing forever.
But I’m not able to do that.
I think that mistrust for me is something I can’t change and it’s my own fault.
But I just wanted to sing those songs one last time for you who were waiting for them.

I’m really a useless person and caused only trouble to many people but more than anyone else I gave all my best while standing on stage and could tell you who were there about that person I was.

Those moments were my reason to live.
I loved you so much who came to have fun with me in those moments.
Maybe I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy a last live wholeheartedly but I wanted to sing one last time in front of you whom I love so much.
I wanted to meet you with a smile.

I want to meet you.

Vocal: Riku | Zin (ジン)

I don’t know if the other band members feel any anger towards Riku, but they are probably sad. If you know anything more about their situation, please share it with us.

Zin will not disband after this, which some of us might have feared. Guitarist Luy will step forward and grab the mike instead and I’ve heard that he’s a pretty good singer.

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So let’s hope that Riku gets some time to take care of himself, for real, and that Zin can continue on without him.

Check out:
Riku’s blog post

Source: Monochrome Heaven

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Zin (ジン)

Debut: Oct 7th 2012

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Vocal: Riku
Vocal: Riku | Zin (ジン)
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Member History

  • Vo. Riku → ballad → Zin
  • Gt. Luy → Zin(Gt→Vo)
  • Gt. Yoshi → Ego Immortalize → Armeria → Zin
  • Ba. Orochi → LAGING →  Zeak (support) → Zin
  • Dr. Saku → ballad(Showta) → Zin

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  1. my poor little Riku 😥
    I’m in tears right now 😦 I kinda already knew he had depression because of all the absences and stuff…but him leaving one of my fave groups..:( I’m so sad right now..

    I have depression too so I can completely understand his decision..I wish the best for him and the band I pray for him and the band to stay strong and healthy and keep being amazing! Good luck!

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