SHOCKING NEWS: DIV will disband (members comments)

Shocking news.
Satoshi and Chobi will depart from DIV which in turn will disband. They will hold their last one-man live on October 10th.

Here is comments from the members:
(translation source: Monochrome Heaven)


Vocal: Chisa | DIV

“I think the reality is that we’ve reached a point where, as artists, an irreparable breach has emerged in terms of what we want to achieve.
We did consider going forward with just the two of us [CHISA and Shogo], but ultimately I can’t imagine DIV as a band that isn’t the 4 of us. That’s how we came to this decision.
The beginning and the end are always indissociable from each other – whenever something begins, it’s simultaneously already counting down to its own demise. But this also means that something new will rise out of that which has ended.

I hope that each of the remaining lives can mark the beginning of something precious for someone. For that I will sing with everything I’ve got.
Thanks for accompanying us on our story–one that has lasted for 4 and a half years. My story is one that I wouldn’t have been able to tell without everyone of you.”


Guitar: Shogo | DIV“First, I apologize for shocking everyone with this abrupt announcement.
It’s really regrettable that we’re unable to continue as DIV beyond this point with just my resolve. Nevertheless we will do our best as DIV for the live and events that have been planned. The outdoor theater [at Hibiya on 10/10] is the last time I’ll be able to meet all of you as DIV’s Shogo.
While 4 and a half years is a short time, I can’t express my gratitude enough to all of you fans who have taken time to listen to our music and come to meet us. Thank you, really.
I’m bad at dealing with miserable things, so I’ll put in everything I’ve got from my last 4 and a half years into our live at the outdoor theater.
Let’s have an exciting time until the end!”


Bass: Chobi | DIV“It has been more than 4 years since DIV formed, and a lot have happened: acquaintances, farewells, joy, sadness, shock.
I’m thankful for the memories of experiencing these together with fans, members, and our staff.
Everytime I hear the thoughts of fans who enjoy our music and lives, I’m delighted. I’d like to continue expressing my gratitude to all of you, but the last time I’ll able to do that is at the outdoor theater on 10/10.
I might have saddened some of you by suddenly departing from DIV. But after October all 4 of us will be moving in different directions, and I hope you can witness us soldiering on and never stopping.
We only have a short time before the end. I’ll be glad if you can continue enjoying DIV with all you have.”


Drums: Satoshi | DIV“We’ve decided to disband.
That’s the number of days I’ve spent as DIV’s Satoshi.
These are days where I’ve created many fresh memories.
I’ve always said that I haven’t achieved anything, but I realized that in reality I’ve managed to get hold of so many things.
I will keep on going after what I want, and continue moving ahead.
As long as you’re willing to, I’m sure we’ll be able to meet again.
Even if it’s in a different form [to DIV], these thoughts shouldn’t change.
Please say that you want to see me again.
In the path I will walk from now on, I’ll be looking forward to the day I can meet you again.
You’ve managed to pick me out from among the messy heap of counterfeits.
I wonder how I’m being reflected in your eyes now.
If possible, I hope [my image] will remain fresh until the last moment. [*These few lines sound a little out of place, but they’re actually from the lyrics of DIV’s “I swear”]
I’m grateful to everyone I have met.
Thanks for everything up till now.
I’m glad I was able to meet you.”

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Formed: 2012
Disband: October 10th 2016

Vocal: Chisa | DIV Guitar: Shogo | DIV Bass: Chobi | DIV Drums: Satoshi | DIV
Vocal: Chisa Guitar: Shogo Bass: Chobi Drums: Satoshi

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Chisa Chisa Chisa Chisa: B Chisa: April 2nd
Shogo Shogo Shogo Shogo: B Shogo: Sep 5th
Chobi Chobi Chobi Chobi: O Chobi: Dec 4th
Satoshi Satoshi Satoshi Satoshi: ? Satoshi: Oct 9th

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  1. so what happened with all the members? ive seen that chisa is doing something with shogo right?
    but i dont speak japanese so i have no idea what is going on can someone explain? ^^

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