“minikui kyozetsu” by UNDER FALL JUSTICE (album digest)

UNDER FALL JUSTICE will release their new album “minikui kyozetsu” on August 31st! you can listen to a sample of each song in the video below!
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Former name: 正義』崇拝教團JUSTICE KING
Changed their name: July 1st 2013
Debut: Feb 19th 2009

Vocal: airo (前田 愛郎) | UNDER FALL JUSTICE Guitar: syoma (早瀬 渉真) Guitar: yukiya (武井 雪弥) | UNDER FALL JUSTICE Bass: akito (杉野 暁兎) | UNDER FALL JUSTICE Drums: Jin (生悦住 刃) | UNDER FALL JUSTICE
Vocal: airo
(前田 愛郎)
Guitar: syoma
(早瀬 渉真)
Guitar: yukiya
(武井 雪弥)
Bass: akito
(杉野 暁兎)
Drums: Jin
(生悦住 刃)

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airo airo airo: A airo: Aug 17th
syoma syoma syoma: O syoma: May 28th
yukiya yukiya yukiya: O yukiya: Aug 5th
akito akito akito: A akito: March 31st
Jin Jin Jin: A Jin: ?

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