Suicide attempt, disappearance and departing. (Ryuu in melvel)

Things like this makes me so sad, and I really hope he will be alright.

Back in September 2015, melvel’s bassist ryuu tried to kill himself by jumping from a balcony.
The reason was problems within the family.

And probably depression.

Bass: Ryuu (りゅう。) Melvel
Ryuu survived and recovered with intensive care at the hospital.
I believe he was back on track with the band in January 2016.
So many of us was hoping that he would be OK by then.

Bass: Ryuu (りゅう。) Melvel

But a while ago, the band lost contact with him.
And he didn’t show up for their one-man live this July 7th.
That was very worrying.

And as many melvel-fans have feared for some time now, it has been announced that ryuu departed on July 16th due to bad mental condition.

I’m pretty sure that the band found him and that they all came to this conclusion. They knew what he’s been through before and wouldn’t exclude him without knowing he’s OK.
Thank Goddess he’s still alive.

Ryuu is a young and depressed young man and things have become too much for him.
I believe there might a huge pressure on the members of a band.

It’s a good thing that he only focus on himself for a while.
And I hope he gets all support that he needs.

Please get well, Ryuu!

When I watched the music video below, I noted how happy Ryuu looked. Apparently he wears a mask – like most of us.


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melvel (メルヴェル)

Formed: January 2013
Debut: August 1st 2013
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Vocal: 絵具人形HIME/ネネ
template-cakeJuly 7th
Mirumo (みるも。)
Guitar: Mirumo (みるも。)
template-cakeMarch 14th
Ryuu (りゅう。)
Bass: Ryuu (りゅう。)
template-cakeApril 3rd
Hyouga (ひょうが。)
Drums: Hyouga (ひょうが。)
template-cakeDec 17th

Member History

Former members:

  • Gt. Miru → melvel → ? 
  • Dr. Kazuzu → melvel → ?

Support members:

  • Ba. Kairu → Dolce.(support) → Dolce. → demitAsse(support) → Escapism(Toka) → DiCE(support), chiodo(support), yuuutsu no kimera(kairu), melvel(support) → SHeepSLeep(kairu)
  • Ba. Reno melvel(support)

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