Scarlett-members are back with new band: gyakushuu no jisakujienya (new look + single “jisakujien” details + digest)

If you – just like me – were a big fan of Scarlett, then you must be really happy about following news. As you know did Scarlett disband on April 20th 2014 and the tree guys created a session band in 2015.



Now on April 2nd this year, the session band became a formal band named “gyakushuu no jisakujienya”. They are five members:

Vocal: gin (吟)

Previous bands: Scarlett as hayato

Vocal: gin (吟) | gyakushuu no jisakujienya (逆襲の自作自演屋。)

Guitar: naru (なる)

Guitar: naru (なる) | gyakushuu no jisakujienya (逆襲の自作自演屋。)

Guitar: hibiki

Previous bands: Scarlett, Panel Magic as masaki

Guitar: hibiki (響) | gyakushuu no jisakujienya (逆襲の自作自演屋。)

Bass: daichi (だいち)

Previous bands: Scarlett

Bass: daichi (だいち) | gyakushuu no jisakujienya (逆襲の自作自演屋。)

Drums:  rio (りお)

Previous bands: Cloche, S.C.R.M, THE GLADROW, Ladyant Black as support, Circus, Drastic Will as support, SAKURA as takahiro

Drums: rio (りお) | gyakushuu no jisakujienya (逆襲の自作自演屋。)

Their look differs a lot from Scarlett’s but so far the sound seem pretty similar. They released their live-limited single “jisakujien” in June and you can listen to a digest in the video below!

Single: jisakujien (自作自演。)
Release date: June 2nd 2016

1. aishiteru (愛してる)
2. haikei ningensama (拝啓、人間様)
3. hotarubi shinjuu (蛍火心中)(昭和91年版)

gyakushuu no jisakujienya (逆襲の自作自演屋。)

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gyakushuu no jisakujienya

Debut: April 2nd 2016
Note: Three members are ex-Scarlett members.

 Vocal: gin (吟) | gyakushuu no jisakujienya (逆襲の自作自演屋。)  Guitar: naru (なる) | gyakushuu no jisakujienya (逆襲の自作自演屋。)  Guitar: hibiki (響) | gyakushuu no jisakujienya (逆襲の自作自演屋。)  Bass: daichi (だいち) | gyakushuu no jisakujienya (逆襲の自作自演屋。)  Drums: rio (りお) | gyakushuu no jisakujienya (逆襲の自作自演屋。)
Vocal: gin (吟) Guitar: naru (なる) Guitar: hibiki (響) Bass: daichi (だいち) Drums: rio (りお)

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gin: ? gin: April 17th
naru naru: ? naru: Oct 1st
hibiki hibiki: B hibiki: April 23rd
daichi daichi: A daichi: Aug 21st
rio rio: A rio: May 6th

Member History

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