the GazettE concert in Helsinki (personal post)

So it was time for my last GazettE concert this tour, in Helsinki, Finland.

When we waited at our gate in Munich to catch our flight to Helsinki, we actually ran into the GazettE-boys themselves. I describe it a little bit in this post: Running into the GazettE at Munich airport ^^

This would be my 104th jrock concert and my 9th GazettE concert. I can’t help but worrying that it will be my last. 😦 Please come back to Europe, OK?

And finally I got my HERESY-bracelet even though I hadn’t registered for it. I didn’t know that we had to do that. But showing up my member-card was enough to get it. I am very thankful.

the GazettE concert in Helsinki (personal post)

In Helsinki we got VIP-bracelets of fabric instead of paper like in Germany. I will never cut it off. 😛 It will soon turn pink though. (People who dye their hair knows what I mean…)

the GazettE concert in Helsinki (personal post)

I didn’t have energy to queue long in Helsinki either, so I arrived to the venue 30 minutes before the doors would open.

the GazettE concert in Helsinki (personal post)

I ended up last in the VIP-line, but it was totally OK for me. Since I didn’t need to buy any more merch, I got a neat spot in front of the stage anyway. I was pleased with it. 🙂

the GazettE concert in Helsinki (personal post)

Circus is a pretty small venue in comparison to the venues I went to in Cologne and Munich. They didn’t even have space enough for the giant GazettE-flag that usually hangs behind the scene.

There were also no fence between VIP and regular guests so it became pretty crowded fast. I was actually a bit worried that we all wouldn’t fit in that small venue. The lines outside was crazy long.

A really good thing with the venue though, was the ventilation system/air conditioner. It was cool and nice the whole concert through, at least in front of the stage. In Germany it was more or less like dancing in a sauna… So Finland was both cold outside and inside. And inside it was a bliss. ^^

the GazettE concert in Helsinki (personal post)

And so the concert started. A girl next to me was so cute and overly excited. I think it was her first time.

They opened up with Nihil and Dogma as before. Aoi threw air-kisses to the audience with a gentle smile. He looked like a dark prince.

During all concerts this tour, Ruki showed us very clear how to move to different songs, when to clap, when to raise or hands and so on. I guess they know nowadays that western fans usually have no clue about furi/choreography and simply dance however they want, individually. ^^

I simply love that dance Ruki made at all concerts when he kind of kicked his legs to the sides in turns, it looked really hot in his dress/skirt. And talking about clothes, his costume this tour is really amazing and looks so good. I guess it’s his own design. The fabric moved so beautifully around his body when he jumped, danced and kicked like that crazy rocker he is. ^^

Ruki - the gazette

Uruha had quite intense facial expressions, grinned, almost like in pain (or passion), he looked like a growling lion while throwing his head back and forth making his hair dance in the wind. On the other side stood Aoi, playing the guitar like he was high on weed in front of a camp fire. He had this relaxed, meditative look in his face, calm and gentle. Like always. I love it.

I started to get really tired from this journey and had terrible back pain in the beginning. Since people were pushing a bit, I tried to position their elbows against my back so I could get some free massage. *hehehe* It worked a bit. Anyway, I forgot about the back pain quite soon since I got so immersed by the show.

One thing that the Finnish audience was much much better at than the Germans… was to sing along. I got amazed of how many who knew the lyrics to the songs. You could clearly hear the audience sing,  so loud that we sometimes almost drowned Ruki’s voice. I hope he took it the right way.

What’s “less good”/different with concerts in Europe is that the audience doesn’t understand/know that there are moments when we should be quiet, ’cause it might appear rude to the artist if not. Like during emotional intros or during slow ballads. I know myself that I got a bit surprised in Japan, noticing that people get totally quiet during ballads, and not even clap their hands or cheer after it. They are just silent. In Europe, people are cheering, clapping and screaming to show appreciation. It’s different cultures. 🙂 I guess it comes as a shock for many Japanese artists who visits Europe for the first time. Thankfully, this was not GazettE’s first time in Europe and usually it wasn’t any problem, but there was some moments when I felt that “Oh… we should really be quiet right now…” One guy in the front got pissed and yelled to everyone: “Shut up”, but that was a little bit over the top I think. Don’t feel sorry if you cheered, the Gaze-guys knows Europeans nowadays, and I’m sure they appreciate it. ^^

the GazettE

Ruki’s voice was a little bit tired this concert and he rested it much more than before, just letting us sing along with the backtrack.

During songs like Vortex and Suicide Circus he made it extra clear that he wanted us to sing/scream the lyrics instead of him. He seemed to be pleased by our efforts since this was the only time (during the show) that I could see him put aside his cool-Ruki-attitude and smile proudly at us.

Last song – this time as well – was “Tomorrow never dies”. A really nice song that works well to end a concert, just like happy classics like “LINDA ~candydive pinkyheaven~” or “BEST FRIENDS”. I think it has an important message for all of us who are born with darkness in our heart. I think that Ruki with that song want to tell us that it’s OK to think about death, but no one knows what tomorrow holds. And that we all should let out the pain here and now in the heat of the concert, feel how it makes us free and unburdened, and remember the fantastic moment we’re having there. The last line is pretty obvious: “Don’t kill yourself”.

I felt really emotional during this song, and maybe Ruki did as well, since he went over to Uruha and gave him a hug. ❤

03. RAGE
12. UGLY
14. Filth in the Beauty



The concert was super good. But among the three concerts I’ve been to this tour (Cologne, Munich and Helsinki), I believe that Munich was the best one. In Helsinki, I missed the sexy dancing, the sexy lamp-scene *hehehe* and they simply didn’t have the same kind of energy and craziness in their performance. Still, it was awesome. But I have to compare.

Last meet and greet for me. It felt pretty mystical this time, since they were hidden behind a curtain (which we passed when it was our turn to meet the gods). The Finnish staff told us to not squeeze their hands too much since one of them had hurt his hand. Probably it was Aoi who had something attached around his wrist.

This time, as well, I felt pretty blank afterwards. Stupid stupid me. Why is it so hard to remember what happened during the meet and greet. Well, I remember what happened, but by some reason I have a hard time to remember what they looked like. You know, details. It’s like I’ve been looking at them through blurry glass. (Blurry glasses of fandom :-P) However, I told them this time that I was thankful that they came here. They were very polite and smiley back. And everything went really fast this time too.

the GazettE concert in Helsinki (personal post)

I don’t want to be negative, but I feel I must say something about concert manners. ‘Cause there always pop up selfish people who ruins the moment for others and can’t care less about it. It’s immature and stupid – and believe me – the artists doesn’t like it either.

This time it was a girl with large spikes and rivets all over her clothes, fingers and arms who put her hands on others shoulders so she could press them down while she was jumping. She knocked peoples faces, heads and ribs with her spikes and pushed herself forward. She was not VIP, so she must have forced herself through the crowd from the very back. I saw how people got disturbed and also hurt by her, looking at her like “please”, but she didn’t care. I got so annoyed, ’cause I was there to feel the love – and express my love to the GazettE (simply having a good time), and not to be badly treated by some stuck-up teenager who acted like a spoiled brat with no sense of insights at all.

To those of you who act like that: Grow up. You are not cool in anyway. Usually you are very young, and you think that you must be mean to get what you want. But believe me – everybody wins when being kind and friendly at a concert. Help each other out. Smile and be polite. Let shorter people go in front of you and say “I’m sorry” if you accidentally hurt someone. That increases the great experience for everyone – even you. Otherwise, you’re just an ass. And believe me, you might think that you’re a fan of the GazettE, but they would NEVER accept you as one. They despise fans like you and they have canceled shows because of people like you. Remember that next time you search their attention by disrespecting others – you just completely erased your own value as a fan.

Sorry that I got negative now, but it’s so frustrating. Let’s spread some love again… Love to Circus who actually handed out FREE WATER at the bar. I also think that the organization of the queue-system was really good. Good job JrockSuomi!

I ended the night at a pub with good friends, mostly “old ladies” in my own age (~40) 😛

And a special thanks to Jennie and Mattias who joined me both in Munich and Helsinki. You saved me from a lot of loneliness and we had so much fun. ^^

There’s especially two memories that I will cherish some extra:

1. When Ruki noted my home country, spaced out and said “Ah soka…”. But probably he though about Switzerland like everybody do when you say you come from Sweden. 😛

2. The lamp scene. That damn sexy lamp scene. OH. MY. GOD… I will live on that for a long time. 😛

And last but not least, it seems like there’s some GazettE-fans who follows my blog. Those of you who approached me during this trip and said “hi” – thank you! I might have seem a bit confused, but you really made my day. I’m happy. 🙂

And now it’s time to cope with post-concert-depression… 😛

the gazette | mug | dogma | the GazettE WORLD TOUR16 DOGMATIC -TROIS- | iona rosin

Twitter @official_aoi:
– everyone in Helsinki, thank you so much for today! I’m happy we could come back to this country, to this venue. let’s spend great nights again at this same usual place!

Twitter @gazette05Reita
– Thanks Helsinki! Lovely to meet you!!
It was great. You??
See you next time. Good night.
Translation: missverypink.tumblr.com13427909_1093010900759698_3015340870550716248_nruki_nilduenilun:
Thanx #helsinki the Circus.
It was very exiting show🤘
But…I couldn’t take a photo😭
My bad⤵️
I regret that I couldn’t take photos of all shows.
This pic took the night sky after the show.

last time we were here there were so many birds but there aren’t any at this time of the year, huh…
Translation by


– thanks for a great show, Helsinki.
Translation by

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  1. Very good review. I appreciate all your comments especially about fan respect. I love the GazetE and high energy music and have found over the years it is so much better to direct that anergy rather than let it blow up in your face. Through love, respect and tolerance for others the music and experience is cathartic.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience at the concert . I really love the Gazette they are one of my favorite bands . They were one of the first bands that I listened to . Hopefully someday I can see them live in concert . I’m gald that you had fun.

  3. It was really fun meeting you there, I’m so happy you said hi to me, haha! ^w^<3 (I really wish i was in Munich though… I really wanna see that lampxruki-action…xD)

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