the GazettE concert in Munich (personal post)

So, this was my second concert during my journey, the GazettE in Munich. I had a VIP-ticket and still felt a bit sick so I decided to not crazy-queue. I arrived at the arena one hour before entrance. When we were let in, I saw girls so dehydrated and weak that they needed assistance to step up the stairs.


One thing really angered me. I saw a security guard on the balcony, looking through one of the gift-boxes. He picked up a picture, fan art, showed it to everyone and made fun of it. NOT OK!

I must say that Munich was much more chaotic than Cologne. When I arrived there it seemed to be no clear division between VIP and regular. It was just like that last time GazettE was in Munich. Chaos!

Anyway, finally after a long times waiting we could enter and I did finally get my vip-tshirt (which I didn’t get in Cologne). On the front is the GazettE-logo, and on the back it says:


It’s latin and from Psalms 42:7. It can be translated to “Deep calls to deep”. I think it refers to the voice which to call to the depths of our souls.

The meet and greet was right away. In Munich it was hard to see the guys ’cause they were lined up in darkness. I said (in Japanese) “Nice to meet you, I’m from Sweden. Thank you for you music.” Aoi had the same gentle smile. Reita was a bit withdrawn and mystic as last time. Ruki said “Oh…” regarding my home country and then laughed when I thanked him for the music. Kai had this big smile as last time. When I met Uruha, I took my chance to wish him happy birthday with impressiveness. I understood that I wasn’t the first one to say that when he stared at me with wide-opened eyes and more or less shouted “THANK YOU!” back. With impressiveness. ^^

A bit battered I continued into the venue and since VIP was surrounded by a fence, I got really good spot, even though I hadn’t queued for long.


The concert started and the magic began. I must say that I experienced the band as more intense and playful than in Cologne. They opened with Dogma again. Ruki made a really sexy dance (touching himself) when playing Venomous Spider’s Web. Reita put his tongue out and then did this… thing with it.. let’s say I got shocked and knew that he would make any woman happy with it. Let’s say… speedy tongue.

Ruki entered with a chained lamp. Swinging it back and forth. He took it to his face and licked it slowly from bottom to top. Then he started to kiss it, hungry, I mean… he truly made out with that lamp. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that sexy. And I think all girls (and maybe boys) in that audience imagined themselves being that lamp. At least before he dropped it to the floor.

Then Ruki draw his finger cross his neck, very slowly. We all knew what that meant…. Suicide Circus. A favorite for many of us. Ruki made us sing along and smiled. He shouted at us: “You are fucking amazing!” He asked us how we were doing, made us scream. People in the back, people in the front and people on the sides.

Then there was encore. While waiting, we all started to sing “Happy Birthday” for Uruha, and when they returned on stage, we sang for him, and then some roadies carried in a big brown cake with lightened candles. Someone put a pretty ugly and big crown on Uruhas head and he blew out the candles before he took off the crown and looked slightly embarrassed. Ruki gave Uruha the mike and Uruha said “Ich liebe dich” (I love you). I though it sounded as good German, but Ruki was about to burst in laughter, covered his mouth and it looked like he was going to pee himself.

Ruki pointed at Uruha and said: “He is so crazy!” And Uruha pointed at his head like if he agreed.

The encore continued. This time, the real “oldie-song” was “Hyena”. I was so happy the whole concert through, I can’t wish for anything more.

When it all was over, I saw girls shivering in tears, unable to get up from the floor. I’m not in that state, but I understand what they are feeling. One part of me wonders what’s left to live for after something like this.

03. RAGE
08. DEUX
12. UGLY



Credit: ‏@OMINOUS_R13

From Ruki's instagram

From Ruki’s instagram

Vielen Dank für jede Menge Jubel
Bis bald ! *
Ruki: also thanks to the fans who came all this way from Japan! be careful on your way home, ok?

*Thanks! Munich!
Thank you so much for a lot of cheers
See you soon!

From Kai's instagram

From Kai’s instagram

thanks for a great showー!

-Thank you for giving URUHA the greatest day!!! I’m happy,too.
-If course Uruha and I did a two shot! But we failed so I want it to stay in my memory! (lol)
-I have no other choice I guess
-仕方ねぇなー。Translation: &

@aoi_theGazettE :
-I received great power!
The staff and everyone were a great audience and it makes me more than happy, that you like us 5!
We’ll come back for sure.
Translation: &

@gazette05Reita :
-The days I spend with this guy together are already 25 years.But still there is also an Uruha that not even I know as always he’s a crazy one! Paradise or hell, we’ll go together! Happy birthday!! Uruha!
Happy Birthday!! 麗!
Translation: &

Reita and Uruha

@gazette05Reita :
– of course Uruha and I took a photo together. but we failed so I’ll just keep it as a memory (lol)
– well, I guess I have no choice, huhー.
– look ! ! it seems, people who have a pure heart can see it clearly. that’s why all I can see is pixels…
– ey, don’t you complain. I mean, I actually took the time to search for a pixelating app and installed it and all (lol) I’ll take another one when we get the chance again, so don’t worry. sorry for getting your hopes up, you guuuuys. but at least I gave you a fun feeling, right?? anyway, today was a lot of fun! great job!

When we waited at our gate in Munich to catch our flight to Helsinki, we actually ran into the GazettE-boys themselves. I describe it a little bit in this post: Running into the GazettE at Munich airport ^^

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the GazettE

Formed: 2002

Vocal: Ruki | the GazettE Guitar: Aoi | the GazettE Guitar: Uruha | the GazettE Bass: Reita | the GazettE Drums: Kai | the GazettE
Vocal: Ruki Guitar: Aoi Guitar: Uruha Bass: Reita Drums: Kai

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Aoi Aoi Aoi: A Aoi: JAN 20th
Uruha Uruha: O Uruha: JUN 9th
Reita Reita Reita: A Reita: MAY 27th
Kai Kai: B Kai: OCT 28th

Member History

  • Vo. Ruki → Mikoto(Kaede) → Ma’die Kusse(kirihi) → L’ie:Chris!(Dr.kirihi) → Kar+te=zyAnose(Vo.setsu akane) → ガゼット(ruki) → the GazettE 
  • Gt. Aoi → Melville!(Natsume) → Artia(aoi) → ガゼット → the GazettE
  • Gt. Uruha → before christ → adolf → dis eine → KARASU-鴉- → Ma’die Kusse → L’ie:Chris! → Kar+te=zyAnose(Kyouki) → ガゼット(麗~URUHA~) → the GazettE(Uruha)
  • Ba. Reita → KARASU-鴉- → Ma’die Kusse → L’ie:Chris! → Kar+te=zyAnose(Mio 祁) → ガゼット(Reita) → the GazettE
  • Dr. Kai → La’DeathtopiA → Mareydi†Creia → ガゼットthe GazettE

Former members:

  • Dr. Yune → Latour → Melville! → Artia → Vall’na racill(support/Dekith) → ガゼット(Yune) → König(support) → More

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