Running into the GazettE at Munich airport ^^

This might not be of interest for anyone else, but I decided to blog about it for my own precious memory’s sake. 🙂

I’m on the road at the moment due to the GazettE’s WORLD TOUR16 DOGMATIC -TROIS-
I met them in Cologne and in Munich and will soon see them in Finland as well.

Me and my friends headed to Munich’s airport to jump on a plane to Helsinki and when we strolled around looking for our gate, we joked about how fun it would be if the guys from GazettE would show up at the same place. After all, we had the same destination…

When we finally found our gate, I went to a store to buy some water. A Japanese guy stood before me in line and I thought “Maybe he’s one of the GazettE’s roadies…” and then I laughed ’cause it was a silly thought. But at the moment, everybody seemed suspicious.

However, it turned out that he was exactly that. When me and my friends sat down at a table and grabbed a beer, I saw a bunch of people wearing GazettE-merchandise walking toward us on a balcony above.

I said to my friend: “Look, there’s a bunch of GazettE fans!” and at that moment I realized that it actually was GazettE themselves… okidokey… starstrucked all over. I stretched up my arms and made the heart-sign to them. They looked down on us and Kai waved.

They passed us one floor up, but my friend noted that they would walk down to our floor and very soon pass us where we sat. And so they did. First came Kai, Reita and Uruha.

Uruha didn’t cover his face in any way, but wore some fancy “hipster”-glasses that suited him well. That man sure looks good with or without makeup. Gosh.

Kai wore the same kind of glasses as Uruha and a black hat. Reita was hiding behind a mouth-mask and a cap. They walked through the same gate that we were supposed to pass later. Their plane did apparently depart a little bit earlier than ours.

After a while did Ruki and Aoi show up with the roadie that I saw in the shop earlier. Ruki wore a hat, sunglasses and his mouth-mask was pulled down under his chin. Aoi wore nothing at all to cover his face. All natural Aoi. ^^

Here I couldn’t help myself and turned into a fangirl. A part of me regrets it, but I hope I didn’t annoy them too much. When they passed us, I said “Ohaio gozaimasu!” (Good morning) to them. Ruki smiled (with a smirk) and waved to us. Aoi ignored us and looked a little bit tired. But before he and Ruki entered the gate, he looked back at us (who gasped for air, frenetic cooled ourselves with fans and tried to hide big silly fangirl-smiles) – and then I caught a glimpse of a little smile from him. He probably found us funny looking.

For us this was a big thing. Might sound a bit silly to get so overly excited when seeing your idols at the airport, but this was actually something I’ve just been fantasizing about and never thought would happen. GazettE is my number one band and I feel truly blessed right now.

But maybe I should apologize when I meet them in Finland. Tomorrow. :-/

From Ruki's Twitter

From Ruki’s Twitter

Some minutes later... Ruki relaxing in the plane. ^^

Some minutes later… Ruki relaxing in the plane. ^^

the GazettE World Tour 2016 Video comment (with subtitles)

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  1. Not silly at all. I felt the same just from read your post. You were truly lucky to meet them like that… OMG!

  2. How could you not be overwhelmed with excitement? I can feel it in my heart just reading your experience. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hahaha can’t really belive!
    We are there too! If I know you are one of the fans I said hello.
    We departed from same terminal to Madrid, so we saw them when they come into airport. Then we went to ckin in our airline, and it was just next to their airline! And they pass police control where ww can see them too.
    When we go in, they are in vip lounge, so we wait over there. And at boarding time, we stop next to gate to say them “hi”, “thank you”, “please, come to Spain”. Hahaha. All was so fuking amazing!

  4. Um, I don’t think you need to apologise!^^ They sounded pretty happy to meet you, even if they were a little tired^^ You didn’t do anything wrong, so it’s alright:)

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