the GazettE concert in Cologne (personal post)

I’m sorry that I haven’t blogged so much the last days, but I’m on the road for the moment due to the GazettE’s World Tour. I have VIP-tickets to Cologne, Munich and Helsinki so there has been a lot of traveling. This will be a very personal post.

the GazettE

And first stop was Cologne yesterday. I met another Sixth Gun at my hotel and together with her and my friend Mono, we headed to the venue E-Werk in the afternoon. This was my 7th GazettE concert and I didn’t feel like standing in line from early morning. I had my VIP-ticket and knew that irrespective of line-number, I would meet the guys for the very first time. And I was nervous.

The GazettE in Cologne
Cologne is very humid and hot. I miss the dry air in Sweden. But I’m glad it didn’t rain much. When we finally entered the venue I was not at all prepared for the meet and greet which apparently was directly around the corner. So I was about to run into Aoi when I got totally starstrucked and tumbled back. ^_- I know that I sound like a fan-girl now, but what can I say… I love the GazettE.

So there was no time to fix makeup or sweaty face, we were directly pushed to the table where they all stand in same order as always: Aoi, Reita, Ruki, Kai and Uruha. Aoi had a gentle and kind smile – as always. Reita looked down a bit. You cant’s see much of his face with all hair and that mask on. Ruki was almost hidden as well under his big black hat but had a small smirk that I love. Kai had the biggest smile in the world and burst out in laughter when I told him – what I told them all – that it was an honor to meet them. Uruha struck me with his incredible beauty and his piercing eyes (white lenses do magic ^^). I was bowing so much so afterwards I had a hard time to remember what had happened. It was over so fast and it felt like I’ve been staring into the floor more than into their eyes. I’m glad that I will get a second chance in Munich.

The GazettE in Cologne
The VIP guests entered the venue much earlier than the rest and we could get our hands on the merchandise first of all. I got myself a flag, a bear, a towel, bags, pins, bracelets and a mug. ^^

The GazettE in Cologne

I need to tell you that things gets sold out fast, so if you really want something you need to fight for it. The same thing with the VIP-tshirt. Apparently there wasn’t as many VIP-tshirts as there was VIP-tickets, so some of us didn’t get any. 🙁 That’s pretty bad done by the arrangers I must say. If people pay for something, they should get it. I heard that the same thing happened in Paris. So if you are VIP and want a tshirt – make sure to get one early.

The venue was divided into two areas. One close to the stage for the VIP guests and the rest was for regular guests. Since I was a bit sick and didn’t want to fight in front of the stage so I chose a good spot on the balcony. It was perfect for me at this time.

The GazettE in Cologne
The arrangers asked us to respect the bands wish to NOT take photos or video with cellphones and cameras. Still people did that. I don’t get it. How can people pay a lot of money to go to a concert like this, proudly wear the band-tshirts and openly disrespect the band like this. It’s so rude.

Anyway, the concert started and Ruki entered with a German flag in his hands. He wore this slim skirt/dress and wide hat, and opened with “DOGMA”. I must say that Ruki’s growling skills has improved a lot the last years. It was even more clear when they performed with older songs. There was a nice mix with old and new songs, and favorites like Headache man, Gabriel on the gallows, Fadeless, Filth in the beauty, Suicide circus and so on.

03 – MC –
cr. mariana_n75

I simply love Ruki’s dance moves. He spoke some German with us and didn’t try to cover the fact that he was reading from a note on the floor – and it seemed to be difficult reading. I think his English has improved a lot too though. I got some very mixed feelings during this concert and I enjoyed it fully. One part of me wished that I was in Japan, ’cause the experience is so much different from Europe, but when they played Headache man… I was glad I wasn’t. (The Japanese fans tend to jump to the sides like crazy rabbits during that song… I simply don’t like that furi. :-P) There was an encore and then the concert was over with a lot of sheering. I don’t have much time to think it all over, I must jump on a train to next destination – Munich.

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  1. Thanks for sharing you experience. The GazettE are my #1. I want to share my experience from San Francisco. In San Francisco the meet and greet was after the show. I thanked Aio and Uruha for coming to the US. I told Reita he was in the greatest band in the world cause I remember him once saying that that was his goal in life, I told Kai that he always makes me happy when I see him, he is always smiling and Ruki, I don’t remember I was just blown away to see him and shake his hand. He was so cool looking on stage the way he moved. I got there at 9 AM and decided to go to an art show going on and come back latter. When I got back I stood in line for about 6 hours till the doors opened. I had also stood in line the day before for Hatsune Miku, who was also in town, for about 5 hours. I was right in front, in front of Uruha. They all moved around a bit and came right to the front of the stage so you could see them all. My feet were killing me by the time I got inside. I had on some high soles and the weren’t very comfortable. I could barely stand it. When they started playing I forgot all about my feet and was just saying to myself, “this is really them”. Up front a guy next to me thought it was punk rock and tried to start a pit. We pushed him out pretty quickly. He dropped his glasses and I picked them up. I could tell he really couldn’t see without them. He was from Gallup New Mexico. They would have been totally destroyed if I hadn’t picked them up. After the show I could tell he was looking for them desperately, asking staff if anyone turned them in. I went up to him to return them and told him that this is what can happen if you don’t have respect for others there are too many people, especially small Asian girls who can’t deal with pushing and shoving. I hope he learned something. Punk rock got really fucked up by that cause girls were put out by the violence. About half way through I moved to the back where there was room to dance and see the whole stage clearly. I could also grab a quick cocktail. I was really impressed that, besides the one guy, how cool and respectful everyone was and still able to fell and express the intense energy. I was concerned about how an American audience would act. I also polled some of the fan pages to see how it was in other cities in the US and got the same response.I didn’t see anyone taking pictures at all but I’ve seen a lot on the internet from the show shot from the balcony. Not good but I still watched them. I think that the band should be putting out raw live videos on their own, which everything is being filmed on stage, if they really don’t want people to film it. What can it hurt, fans would really appreciate it and not be tempted to film and post videos themselves. Nothing is worse than someone holding up a camera, phone or iPad in front of you in a show. At the Miku show I let two short guys stand in front of me and then they proceeded to filmed the entire show. I can’t imagine going to a show and experiencing it on a tiny little screen. Gazerock lives!!!!

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