kaworu leaves jack caper + new maxi single “SM usagi” (PV preview + single details)

First some bad news: kaworu (guitar) has decided to leave the band after their live at Shibuya REX on June 11th 2016.

Guitar: kaworu (カヲル)

Guitar: kaworu (カヲル)

And some good news!
jack caper will release their new maxi single “SM usagi” in June! (Guess this could be considered as bad news as well, since the release date actually has been postponed. It was supposed to be released already in May. But I prefer to present the single as good news! :-P)

Maxi single: SM usagi (SMうさぎ)
Release date: June 1st 2016

1. SM usagi (SMうさぎ)
2. shakunage (シャクナゲ)
3. suguru no heya #2 (すぐるの部屋#2)
1. SM usagi (SMうさぎ) -music video-
2. SM usagi (SMうさぎ) -making of music video-

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jack caper (ジャックケイパー)

Formed: April 20th 2016
Started as: continual session band “JC11” with debut on November 6th 2015

 Vocal: hiro (ひ☆6) | jack caper (ジャックケイパー)  Guitar: kaworu (カヲル) | jack caper (ジャックケイパー)  Guitar: riku (李九) | jack caper (ジャックケイパー)  Bass: U | jack caper (ジャックケイパー)  Drums: suguru (英) | jack caper (ジャックケイパー)
Vocal: hiro (ひ☆6) Guitar: kaworu (カヲル) Guitar: riku (李九) Bass: U Drums: suguru (英)

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template small_twitter template table_bloodtype template table_birthday
hiro hiro: AB hiro: March 22nd
kaworu kaworu: B kaworu: Dec 18th
riku riku: A riku: Sept 4th
U U: A U: July 15th
suguru suguru: O suguru: March 18th

Member History

  • Vo. hiro → -MeleM- → inc.RIBON, ahora en KiR×GiR → JC11 → jack caper
  • Gt. kaworu  → paelia → JC11 → jack caper
  • Gt. riku → Cold rage Bullet → toriaezu koakuma doumei → JC11 → jack caper
  • Ba. U → batsu game(夕朽/euk) → JC11 → jack caper
  • Dr. suguru → ZENO CRISIS → Shout Out → TRIVAL HEADz → Inpossible, ahora en KiR×GiR → JC11 → jack caper

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