“suuhai” by ARCHEMI. (PV preview + album “butsukyou” digest + details)

ARCHEMI. will release their new mini album “butsukyou” in May! You can watch a preview of the music video to “suuhai” below as well as listen to a sample of each song!

Mini album: butsukyou (仏狂)
Release date: May 18th 2016

1. mu (無)(SE)
2. suuhai (崇拝)
3. kodou (鼓動)
4. joubutsu (成仏)
5. zange (懺悔)
1. suuhai (崇拝) -music video-


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Debut: October 28th 2015

 Vocal: isami | ARCHEMI.  Guitar: noah (のあ) | ARCHEMI.  Bass: Yuki (夕紀) | ARCHEMI.
Vocal: isami Guitar: noah (のあ) Bass: Yuki (夕紀)

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isami isami isami: O isami: April 28th
noah noah noah: Sept 14th
Yuki Yuki Yuki: AB Yuki: April 19th

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  1. Hey!!!
    Do you know something about their drummer, Jun? He is in the ban or he quit? Or he is just supporter? Because I found ‘old’ official pics where he is in, also videos with him. But he is not appearing in this new images. Even so, on his Twitter keeps saying that he is in ARCHEMI. and he keeps posting things related with them. O.o
    Take a look: https://twitter.com/archemi_jun

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