NEW BAND: Kurohime no Muyuubyou (ex-Shounenki members)

What is going on? ^_-

As you know, Shounenki disbanded on March 28th this year. Personally I got pretty glad when I heard that two of the members had formed a new band: Hakujitsu no yume. The members behind it were kou and eiki which in that band got new names: sera and china.

But it seems like kou/sera is a little bit of a workoholic (^_-) since he has formed YET another band – and with ANOTHER ex-Shounenki member: Nao. This band is called “Kurohime no Muyuubyou”, and now is kou/sera called Riza, and Nao is called Zeru. Gosh, this start to get confusing.

Kurohime no Muyuubyou will have their debut on May 13th, only 7 days later as Hakujitsu no yume’s debut. I wonder why these three ex-Shounenki members didn’t create a new band together? This sure will be interesting! Have a look at their profile and details below!

Vocals: Riza (リィザ)

Vocals: Riza (リィザ)

Guitar: Zeru (ゼル)

Guitar: Zeru (ゼル)

Kurohime no Muyuubyou


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Kurohime no Muyuubyou (黒姫の夢遊病)

Debut: May 13th 2016

Vocals: Riza (リィザ) Guitar: Zeru (ゼル)
Vocals: Riza (リィザ) Guitar: Zeru (ゼル)

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Riza Riza Riza: – Riza: March 14th
Zeru Zeru Zeru: O Zeru: Jan 29th

Member History

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  1. Oh my god! The other they I found them on Twitter and I lloked up to vocalist and “The helll, why this guy resembles a lot with Kou??”, but then I just let pass it over.
    This will be interesting!

    By the way… Kou/Sera and Eiki/China band it’s not called ‘Hakujitsu no Yume’ but ‘Shiroyume’… unless… it’s what they have in their Twitter (more the official one). 😉

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