“itazura world” by jack caper (Full PV + single details)

jack caper is a fairly new band that will release their new maxi single “itazura world” in April!

Maxi single: itazura world (悪戯ワールド)
Release date: April 13th 2016

1. itazura world (悪戯ワールド)
2. fukanshoujo (フカンショウジョ)
3. suguru no heya #1 (すぐるの部屋#1)
1. itazura world (悪戯ワールド) -music video-
2. itazura world (悪戯ワールド) -making of music video-


Vocal: hiro (ひ☆6) | jack caper (ジャックケイパー)

Vocal: hiro (ひ☆6)

Guitar: kaworu (カヲル) | jack caper (ジャックケイパー)

Guitar: kaworu (カヲル)

Guitar: riku (李九) | jack caper (ジャックケイパー)

Guitar: riku (李九)

Bass: U | jack caper (ジャックケイパー)

Bass: U

Drums: suguru (英) | jack caper (ジャックケイパー)

Drums: suguru (英)

jack caper (ジャックケイパー)

jack caper (ジャックケイパー)

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jack caper (ジャックケイパー)

Formed: April 20th 2016
Started as: continual session band “JC11” with debut on November 6th 2015

 Vocal: hiro (ひ☆6) | jack caper (ジャックケイパー)  Guitar: kaworu (カヲル) | jack caper (ジャックケイパー)  Guitar: riku (李九) | jack caper (ジャックケイパー)  Bass: U | jack caper (ジャックケイパー)  Drums: suguru (英) | jack caper (ジャックケイパー)
Vocal: hiro (ひ☆6) Guitar: kaworu (カヲル) Guitar: riku (李九) Bass: U Drums: suguru (英)

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hiro hiro: AB hiro: March 22nd
kaworu kaworu: B kaworu: Dec 18th
riku riku: A riku: Sept 4th
U U: A U: July 15th
suguru suguru: O suguru: March 18th

Member History

  • Vo. hiro → -MeleM- → inc.RIBON, ahora en KiR×GiR → JC11 → jack caper
  • Gt. kaworu  → paelia → JC11 → jack caper
  • Gt. riku → Cold rage Bullet → toriaezu koakuma doumei → JC11 → jack caper
  • Ba. U → batsu game(夕朽/euk) → JC11 → jack caper
  • Dr. suguru → ZENO CRISIS → Shout Out → TRIVAL HEADz → Inpossible, ahora en KiR×GiR → JC11 → jack caper

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