chariots are reborn… <3

This news were already announced a couple of month ago and I mentioned it on visual ioner Facebook, but I think it’s time to make a blog post about it as well. It’s great news for people like me who are Riku-fans. Personally I think he has one of the most beautiful voices and I think most of you knows him from bands like Phantasmagoria and LIN (凛).

The news is that his band “chariots” are back! They began their journey already back in 2007 but has slumbered into inactivity from time to time. However, this time I hope they’re back to stay active for a long time, even though some of the members are active in other bands as well. Let’s take a look at the lineup and profile! (And don’t forget to check out the music videos below!)


Vocal: riku (戮)

Previous bands: KAWON, HISKAREA, Phantasmagoria, LIN (凛)

Vocal: riku (戮) | chariots

Vocal: riku (戮)

Guitar: KAZ

Previous bands: Virus Garage, VII-Sense, Grenzen der Traum
Current bands: GENGAH

Guitar: KAZ | chariots

Guitar: KAZ

Bass: jin (迅)

Previous bands: feathers-blue. PROJECT Eden, サドマゾ, DEATH PROJECT, THE.LAST, Black:List, 666-SIX-, Since1889, DEPAIN, UnsraW, 個人/フリー
Current bands: SHAPE SHIFTER

Bass: jin (迅) | chariots

Bass: jin (迅)

Drums: mikage (美景)

Previous bands: Eze:quL, グロテスクロマンティッカー, Schwardix Marvally, R.E.D, バビロン, 弐月ノ参拾伍日, HIZAKI grace project, VII-Sense

Drums: mikage (美景) | chariots

Drums: mikage (美景)

chariots released their latest single togetoga (棘咎) through Like an Edison on February 1st 2016.



Some old PVs that still rocks hard. ^_-

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Live Debut: 2008
Active: Dec 2007 – Feb 28th 2010
Active: 2012 – May 26th 2013
Rebirth Debut: April 15th 2016

 Vocal: riku (戮) | chariots  Guitar: KAZ | chariots  Bass: jin (迅) | chariots  Drums: mikage (美景) | chariots
Vocal: riku (戮) Guitar: KAZ Bass: jin (迅) Drums: mikage (美景)

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riku riku: B riku: Jan 3rd
KAZ KAZ: A KAZ: Aug 19th
jin jin: ? jin: Nov 25th
mikage mikage: B mikage: March 12th

Member History

  • Vo. riku → KAWON → HISKAREA(Kenji) → Phantasmagoria(Riku) → chariotschariots, LIN -the end of corruption world-(RIKU) → chariots requiem → 「C」 SESSION → chariots
  • Gt. KAZ → Virus Garage → VII-Sense → Grenzen der Traum, Virus Garage, KAZ solo project → Virus Garage, KAZ solo project → gengah., chariots → chariots requiem(support) → The 3rd Birthday(support), gengah. → GENGAH., 「C」 SESSION → GENGAH. , 「c」,  chariotschariots
  • Ba. Jin → feathers-blue(XIN) → PROJECT Eden(support) → Sadomazo → DEATH PROJECT(jin), THE.LAST(support) → Black:List(support) → Black:List(support), (666-SIX-) → Since1889(support) → UnsraW(support), jigoro(support),  DEPAIN(support) → UnsraW → [personal break], SHAPE SHIFTER(Houjou Jin) → SHAPE SHIFTER, chariots(jin) → chariots(jin)
  • Dr. mikage → Eze:quL → GROTESQUE ROMANTICER(support) → Schwardix Marvally(support/美景) → R.E.D(MIKAGE) → BABYLON(美景) → アニヲタク → Nigatsu NO Sanjuugonichi, HIZAKI grace project → Juka(support) → Juka(support), VII-Sense(MIKAGE) → chariots, dolore(support), DAS:VASSER(support), VAMPIRE ROSE(support) → chariots-requiem(support) → DAS:VASSER(support) → 「C」 SESSION → chariots

Former members:

  • Gt. Akito → Mebius → Ruephy-Alive → Pashya → chariotsLIN -the end of corruption world-(KANATA) → [retired]
  • Gt. Tomo → SAT → the Pumpkin Head → chariots → [retired]
  • Ba. Loki → Dios=Kuroi(凍夜) → the Pumpkin Head(support/Loki) → the Pumpkin Head → 176BIZ(support) → chariots(Loki) → ?
  • Dr. Reiya → La’Mule(roadie), MESSIAH → INAZUMA! → Ruephy-Alive → Pashya → chariotsLIN -the end of corruption world-(REIYA) → ?
  • Ba. Yuuri → F’eria → nord → Secile → JAGUAR → chariots → Cu[be] → Lucifer’s underground(support) → Lucifer’s underground

Support members:

  • Gt. SHINO → sigmud[Freud] → SCISSOR → GHOST MOUSE CLUB → MiU(Gu.→Vo.&Gu.), chariots(support) → ?
  • Gt. Tohma → dolore → chariots(support) → D.I.D.
  • Dr. Kentz → Sepia → Aya → GeNe(兼継) → chariots(support) →
  • Dr. Hizka → Spider lily(斐静→Hizuka) → Kisnate(support) → D’LORE(support) → D’LORE → dolore(斐静) → chariots (support) → Need(hizka)

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