Femme Fatale has disbanded – fans blames the guitarist

Somehow I missed this, and in case you did too… here is the sad news:

Femme Fatale disbanded on January 15th and it was announced already last year. Of course, the reason behind their split up is not certain, but some fans claims that the guitarist Iori is to blame. According to the rumors, Iori cheated his wife with a fan who forwarded their Facebook conversation to a friend who in turn posted it on Tanuki, a well-known forum at which visual kei fans gossip about jrock artists. I don’t know if the conversation is real, but if anyone is curious, here it is.

Rumours says that Iori sent this photo while chatting with the fan on Facebook.

Rumors says that Iori sent this photo while chatting with the fan on Facebook.

This tragic exposure occurred late in November. Not to question, it upset a lot of Japanese fans who demanded him to leave the group. Iori however is a very talented composer and most Femme Fatale’s music is his work. Hence the band decided to disband. Kaya has repeatedly expressed his sadness on Twitter.

“I will never give up.
I won’t stop singing.
Please wait for me.
With love.”

This is of course only rumors from fans on Tanuki forum and absolutely nothing that the band itself has revealed, so please take it with a grain of salt. Following is Femme Fatale’s official announcement about their disbandment, and as you can see, they kind of “insinuate” that a problem has reached the surface, but that can be anything…:

“We are very grateful for all the support we’ve received during our time as Femme Fatale.
Despite having formed only a year and a half ago, we have decided that Femme Fatale will disband

following our performance at Shibuya WWW on January 15, 2016.
At this time, Femme Fatale cannot continue due to serious concerns that have surfaced.

The band members had a discussion regarding the matter.

However, we concluded that the band must take collective responsibility

and as a result have decided to break up.
Words cannot express our deepest regrets in making this ill-timed announcement,

despite the big plans that the band members and staff of Femme Fatale had in store for 2016.
We sincerely apologize both for the unfortunate resolution and the suddenness of this announcement.
Henceforth, each member will provide updates with information regarding their own activities.
To the fans of Femme Fatale and the members of the industry,

we truly thank you all for your support.

Femme Fatale
Kaya TaNa Iori Minamoto Toshi
And Staff”

See original here!

Let’s hope the band members will enter the stage soon again, and hopefully behave with their fans. ^_-

Source: Monochrome Heaven & Visual Tanuki

Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale

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Femme Fatale

Debut: February 23rd 2014
Disband: January 15th 2016

Vocal: Kaya | Femme Fatale Guitar: Iori (源 依織) | Femme Fatale Guitar: TaNa | Femme Fatale Bass: Toshi | Femme Fatale
Vocal: Kaya Guitar: Iori (源 依織) Guitar: TaNa Bass: Toshi

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Kaya Iori TaNa Toshi

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  1. Sadly it is not just a rumor but a fact. I am friends with the band’s members and their circle of friends. Everyone flat out says what he did. Truly is a pity. If you want sex outside of marriage you can just go order a prostitute here, no need to ruin your band and screw a fan @_@

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