DictavE’s new look (+ new member)

I’m so happy to see something new from DictavE!

I discovered DictavE when I happened to go to a smaller jrock-event in Japan early last year. Unfortunately came bad news pretty soon… Jin, the vocalist, decided to depart and retire for musical activities after their live at Shibuya REX in September 2015.

Vocal: jin (侭)

Vocal: jin (侭)

To my surprise decided mizki to grab the mike instead and is now the band’s vocalist.(He’s really cute!)

Guitar: mizki (瑞希)

Guitar: mizki (瑞希)

To make a full team, guitarist kila joined DictavE a few days ago. I can’t wait to hear their new sound!!!

But first… here is their new look!

Top: new look
Bottom: old look

Vocal: mizki (瑞希) | DictavE Guitar: tsuno | DictavE  Guitar: kila (キラ) | DictavE Bass: toshiya (隼耶) | DictavE
Guitar: mizki (瑞希) Guitar: tsuno  (new member) Bass: toshiya (隼耶)
Vocal: mizki (瑞希) Guitar: tsuno Guitar: kila (キラ) Bass: toshiya (隼耶)

New look

Vocal: mizki (瑞希) | DictavE

Vocal: mizki (瑞希)

Guitar: tsuno | DictavE

Guitar: tsuno

Guitar: kila (キラ) | DictavE

Guitar: kila (キラ)

Bass: toshiya (隼耶) | DictavE

Bass: toshiya (隼耶)



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Debut: Aug 1st 2014

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template small_blog   template small_twitter template table_bloodtype template table_birthday
mizki mizki mizki: B mizki: Nov 18th
tsuno tsuno tsuno: B tsuno: Nov 11th
kila kila: O kila: April 30th
toshiya toshiya toshiya: A toshiya: Dec 11th

Member History

Former members:

  • Vo. jin → sharon → DictavE → ?

Support members:

  • Dr. TAKA → RUSH → mikey(support), DictavE(support) → mono

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