BAND INTRODUCTION: Merry Badend (メリーバッドエンド)

It was announced already in August that Double River Record had created a new band called “Merry Badend”. They will have their live debut “天地乖離す開闢の音” on December 24th at Nagoya ell.FITS ALL. You may recognize some of the members from other bands.

Vocal: loki (ロキ)
Previous band: Lil.y
Vocal: loki (ロキ) | Merry Badend (メリーバッドエンド)

Guitar: scarface
Guitar: scarface (贖いのスカーフェイス) | Merry Badend (メリーバッドエンド)

Manip: kylyn (奇凛)
Previous bands: ISK;M -> MeLt (support) ->Alioth-アリオト-
Manip: kylyn (奇凛) | Merry Badend (メリーバッドエンド)

Drums: No.666
Previous bands: Vent Croix as Yuga
Drums: No.666 | Merry Badend (メリーバッドエンド)

In the beginning, the band consisted of five members, but already in the end of October the bass-player “miura yuu” (三浦憂) departed due to personal reasons. So now they are four members.

miura yuu" (三浦憂)
Please see more information about the band below!

Merry Badend (メリーバッドエンド)
Merry Badend (メリーバッドエンド)

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Merry Badend (メリーバッドエンド)

Debut: December 24th 2015

 Vocal: loki (ロキ)  Guitar: scarface (贖いのスカーフェイス)  Manip: kylyn (奇凛)  Drums: No.666
Vocal: loki
Guitar: scarface
Manip: kylyn
Drums: No.666

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loki loki loki: B loki: March 3rd
scarface scarface scarface: ? scarface: June 29th
kylyn kylyn kylyn: O kylyn: Dec 20th
No.666 No.666 No.666: B No.666: Jan 18th

Member History

Former members:

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