Liar Game (Japanese Drama)

– What do you see?
– Is it hell?
– I’m painting something far more abominable than hell. Humankind itself.

Drama: Liar Game
Release date: April 14th 2007 – June 23rd 2007
Season: 1 (of 2)
Episodes: 11

This concerns the first season of the J-Drama “Liar Game” which is based on a Japanese manga.

The plot

Nao is a naive and honest college student who is easily fooled. She never thinks anything bad about anyone.

One day she receives a package containing 100 million yen and gets drawn into a malicious psychological game called “Liar Game”. It’s a gem of lies and deceives. Those who attend can win an extremely huge amount of money which brings out the really ugly side of them. The sad fact though, is that most who attend will be left with a huge amount of debt and their lives will be a living hell.

Suddenly, Nao is one of them, since she immediately got tricked in the first round. Hence she seeks help from an ex-conman named Shinichi Akiyama who just got out of prison. Akiyama is brilliant and once managed to crush an entire pyramid scheme. Together they take part in this game, but for different reasons.

My opinion:
I really liked this drama. When I had seen all episode I directly wanted to move on to season 2. I would say this is a psychological drama/comedy that especially amuses people who have an interest in logics, psycology and calculus of probability. Things happens very fast and there’s a lot of math to consider, but the show illustrates all tactics and strategies very clearly with funny comics and cut-scenes. The characters are funny and somehow easy to love, even the evil ones.

I definitely recommend this drama!

Note: There is also a Korean drama based on the same manga.

Shinichi Akiyama is played by Shota Matsuda.

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