“saikou no shokutaku” by DEZERT (album details + guitarist depart + full song “tsuiraku”)

DEZERT will release their new album “saikou no shokutaku” in January! You can listen “tsuiraku” in the video below.
I will also shortly announce some sad news, since their guitarist Kira decided to leave due to personal reasons (2015/09/27). Let’s hope that DEZERT finds another guitarist soon!

Album: saikou no shokutaku (最高の食卓)
Release date: January 20th 2016 (release date got postponed)

CD Tracks:
1. a (「あー。」)
2. kimi no shikyuu wo sawaru (「君の子宮を触る」)
3. koko ni love song wo (「ここにラブソングを」)
4. mondaisaku (「問題作」)
5. tsuiraku (「追落」)
6. haisetsubutsu (「排泄物」)
7. oishii hizou wa warawanai (「おいしい脾臓は笑わない」)
8. seion (「セイオン」)
9. shuukyou (「宗教」)
10. pictogram-san (「ピクトグラムさん」)

Limited Edition (CD+EXTRA):
* see tracks above
"saikou no shokutaku" by DEZERT* booklet
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Regular Edition (CD):
* see tracks above
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Debut: September 2011

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Vocal: Chiaki (千秋)
Vocal: Chiaki (千秋)
template-cakeMarch 3rd
Bass: SaZ
Bass: SaZ
template-cakeOct 28th
Drums: SORA
Drums: SORA
template-cakeJune 22nd

Member History

  • Vo. Chiaki → ユキライン! → (ワン≠パス) → 【1≠password】→ Acid Cherry King(一ノ瀬千秋)→DEZERT(千秋)
  • Ba. SaZ → ExSARIEL → (G.L.S.T)(SAZUKI) → Acid Cherry King(SaZ)→DEZERT
  • Dr. SORA → Sacrifice → XodiacK → XodiacK(楓) → DEZERT(SORA)

Former members:

  • Gt. Kira → Acid Cherry King→DEZERT→ ?
  • Dr. TETSURO → RED → Amaranth → (Acid Cherry King)→DEZERT(サポート) → MIL

Support members:

  • Dr. tetsurou → RED → Amaranth → Tokyo shitei(support) → SaT(support), Rivet(support) → DEZERT(support), ASTRO BOY(support), Ziggrat(support), RoNo☆Cro(support) → カレハダイスキー(support) → カレハダイスキー(support), ReViel(support) → LakuGaki(support), MIL → Gretel(support), SRASH NOTES GARDEN(support), Li’call(support), The Rem(support), LAgtime (support) → Gretel(support), SRASH NOTES GARDEN(support), Li’call(support), DissIDear(support) 


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