SADAKO 3D (Japanese Horror Movie)

Movie: SADAKO 3D
Release date: May 12th 2012

I watched Sadako 3D a while ago. There is a second movie as well, but this is the first one. As the titled says, it can be watched in 3D.

The movie starts with some clips showing a young artist named Seiji Kashiwada. He throws a young girl into a well and seem obviously mentally ill. While looking down into the well, you can see that this girl wasn’t the first of his victims. There are dozens of girls lying there, just like her, with long black hair and dressed in white.

One night, Seiji streams a video of himself online in which he lets himself be killed by this black-haired girl. The video is said to be cursed and everyone who watches it will die when a woman in it says “You are not the one”.

The main character in this movie is Akane Ayukawa, a teacher who finds out that her students is searching for the video by curiosity. Akane has a dark history due to her mental powers. As a child she saved the school from a maniac by using her powers, but also became the school’s freak as a result. Only one boy wanted to talk to her – Takanori Andou – and today they are a couple.

One day, Akane finds one of her students looking at the video. A woman crawls out from the screen, attacks them and says to Akane: “You are the one”…

This is where Akane’s nightmare begins for real.

This is a pretty OK horror movie which I suppose gets its best effect when watched in 3D. I really like the woman playing Akane who is very beautiful and believable. If you have watched many Asian horror movies, it might seem a bit tiresome with the never ending line of black-haired girls in white dresses. But on the other hand, Sadako is a legend.

Seiji is played by the very handsome Yusuke Yamamoto, truly eye-candy. I got a bit irritated that he died in the very beginning of the movie, so I think I’m gonna check him out further… 😛

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