BEST ALBUM of the year: “B-RE:AK” by Jack Rose

Jack Rose did recently come back after a hiatus and has also released a best-of album!

This might be the best “best-of”-album I have listened to for many many years. There is actually not a single bad song on it! I have some favorites though, like “Halleluja”, “Himawari”, “7th Heaven”, “Cinderella” and “Secret Mail”. Jack Rose’s music somehow reminds me of Janne Da Arc a bit, so if you’re a fan of them or Acid Black Cherry, this might definitely be something for you. Actually, EVERYBODY should listen to this! ^_-

I truly recommend everyone to get their hands on it, even though you have to order it from Japan at the moment. If you want the album you must buy it from Jack Rose directly, but it won’t be any problem. Send your order to following mail:

The album contains remastered songs from their 13-year long career. I have listened to it non-stop for several days now and the sound has really good quality! If you haven’t heard of Jack Rose at all you can listen to some of the songs in “original” version in videos below, but note that the video-sound is bad.

Please also support Jack Rose Facebook page that recently has been created!

Album: B-RE:AK
Release date: October 14th 2015

1. Secret Mail (シークレットメール)
2. Cinderella
3. 7th Heaven
5. Halleluja (ハ・レ:ル/ヤ)
6. Himawari (向日葵)
7. Heart Beat Of The Rock
8. Kageki (過激)
9. DeeP 〜 Kare kara no messēji 〜    (DeeP 〜彼からのメッセージ〜)
10. …for you
11. Jack and Rose

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Jack Rose (ジャックローズ)

Debut: 1999
Hiatus: Nov 2012
Active again: 2015

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Vocal: Re:i
Re:i | Jack Rose
template-cakeJan 7th
Keyboard: Aki
Aki | Jack Rose
template-cakeOct 14th

Member History

Former members:

  • Gt. Shige → Jack Rose → [retired]
  • Ba. Syun → Jack Rose(Syun), KNIT(坂田峻一) → Aoi(support) → Realistic flavor(Syun)
  • Dr. Shinsaku → Break → AC BLANDISH → I’ll → Celestial Gate → Jack Rose → BLACK SAKURA STRIKERS, the fool(support), Rimo ☆ with SAVANNA P.K. ORCHESTRA → BLACK SAKURA STRIKERS, the fool, Rimo ☆ with SAVANNA P.K. ORCHESTRA, BLIND GRAPH → BLIND GRAPH!(Shinsaku), BRANDROID, D4C(SUCKK)
  • Key. Sakura → Jack RoseRed idle Peach(sakura) → NoveLis(support) → NoveLis(sakura) → ?

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