“mother” by nüe (album digest + details)

nüe will release their new mini album “mother” in December!

Mini album: mother
Release date: December 9th 2015

"mother" by nüe1. shinkai (深海)
2. mother
3. amai mitsu (甘い蜜)
4. suicide honey (スーサイドハニー)
5. samenagara yume wo miru (醒めながら夢を見る)
6. kyoukaisen (境界線)
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Debut: October 20th 2014

Vocal: taketoshi (田嶋武敏) Guitar: ine (稲) Bass: tsuyoshi (毅) Drums: kasuya (梅田一哉)
Vocal: taketoshi
Guitar: ine
Bass: tsuyoshi
Drums: kasuya

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taketoshi taketoshi taketoshi: A taketoshi: June 6th
ine ine ine: A ine: Aug 26th
tsuyoshi: ? tsuyoshi: July 30th
kasuya kasuya kasuya: AB kasuya: July 8th

Member History

  • Vo. taketoshi → mi’ze:lia(Taketoshi) → Mizeria → Shirokuro kinema(Taketoshi→Taketoshi Tajima) → akane → Shirokuro kinema → Silent Siren → un(Taketoshi) → Yami yori yamishi → nüe(Taketoshi Tajima) 
  • Gt. ine → PROPER669(Vo.&Gt.), Dr.Marmot(Gt.) → Silent Siren → un → Yami yori yamishi → nüe
  • Ba. tsuyoshi → COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS(nagasawa) → LASERBEAM(TSUYOSHI) → nüe(Takeshi) 
  • Dr. kasuya → PRESENCE → TRACY → GOAT CORE → BEAST → dieS(support), nüe

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