TOMIE: Another face (Japanese Horror Movie)

Movie: TOMIE: Another face
Release date: December 26th 1999

The movie is based on a Japanese horror manga series which was written and illustrated by Junji Ito. In total, there is 8 different Tomie-movies today and you can read my opinion concerning the first one HERE!

Tomie is a girl who can not die, and this movie is divided into three parts.

Story 1
Miki got her boyfriend Takashi stolen by Tomie who suddenly gets tragically murdered and found in the trash. Miki tries to win back Takashi’s heart, but one week later, Tomie appears from nowhere, alive. Tomie acts like nothing has happened when she sweet talks her boyfriend back to her. But he is very confused, ’cause he knew what happened to Tomie that day when she died…

Story 2
A photographer meets Tomie at a pub and falls in love with her. He asks her to be his model and they have a great day together where he takes hundreds of photos of her. But when he develops the films at home, all photos turns out weird. There are scary faces and strange lights surrounding Tomie…

Story 3
Mr. Yasuda is in love with Tomie and asks her to marry him when an one-eyed man turns up and tries to stab her. Tomie demands Mr. Yasuda to kill this man to prove his love. But Mr. Yasuda gets taken prisoner by the one-eyed man who turns out to be a former police officer who has been following Tomie for a long time…

Personally I think this movie was pretty lame, boring and amateurish done, but it’s part of the Tomie-series so I got the feeling that I had to see it. It might be a fun movie to watch together with you friends.

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