Ju-on: White Ghost (Japanese Horror Movie)

A curse born when a person dies
in a powerful rage.
It gathers where the dead person lived,
and becomes a “stain”.
Anyone who touches it dies,
and a new curse is born.

I told you about the movie “Ju-on: Black Ghost” in an earlier post. Now I will tell you about “Ju-on: White Ghost”. As Black Ghost, this movie was produced 2009 due to the 10th anniversary of the famous Ju-on series, and as in usual Grudge-movies, there’s a curse present that is killing people. In the beginning of this movie, a family is moving in in a house in which a murder has occurred (a murder that happened in the first movie “Ju-on: Black Ghost”.)

English name: Ju-on: White Ghost
Japanese name: 呪怨: 白い老女 (JJu-on: Shiroi Rōjo)
Release date: June 27h 2009

As in Black Ghost, the story has no chronological consistency. You get thrown back and forth in time, between places and people, so keep track of names and details.

A man gets possessed by a spirit in a mirror and murders his entire family, even his little daughter Mirai which he has sexually abused. He brings her decapitated head to the woods in order to hang himself while he records his very last words with her on a cassette tape. This cassette becomes cursed, indestructible and kills everybody who listens to it.

Mirai used to have a friend named Akane and you will partly watch scenes from her life as a teenager. One day she and her friends plays “Kokkuri” (a way to contact spirits), and she gets contact with Mirai. After suddenly seeing the ghost of her childhood friend, Akane gets painfully reminded of that she never helped Mirai, even though she knew that she was sexually abused.

Just like “Ju-on:Black Ghost”, this movie probably had a low budget and was very amateurish done. Some props and effects could have been so much better and some intended scary scenes was rather comical. Hence the movie isn’t really scary, but still pleasant to watch as entertainment.

And even if you don’t like horror movies, you might enjoy the cute “cake boy” Fumiya who is featured in the beginning of the movie… ^_- Fumiya is played by Hiroki Suzuki.

Hiroki Suzuki

Hiroki Suzuki

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