Ju-on: Black Ghost (Japanese Horror Movie)

A curse born when a person dies
in a powerful rage.
It gathers where the dead person lived,
and becomes a “stain”.
Anyone who touches it dies,
and a new curse is born.”

The other day I decided to watch another Japanese horror movie, and this time I watched “Ju-on: Black Ghost”. It was produced 2009 due to the 10th anniversary of the famous Ju-on series, along with the movie “Ju-on: White Ghost”, which I will tell you about in another post.

English name: Ju-on: Black Ghost
Japanese name: 呪怨: 黒い少女 (Ju-on: Kuroi Shōjo)
Release date: June 27h 2009

The movie is divided into segments with no chronological consistency. You better remember names and pick up details, since the story jumps back and forth in time, between places and people. This creates a feeling of mystery and encourages you to understand how everything is connected.

The story’s main character is a little girl, Fukie, who suddenly starts to act very weird, like if she’s being possessed. If you got thrills by the “smattering grudge-noises” from earlier movies, you will get a dose of it here as well. Fukie’s mother brings her to the hospital where the doctor finds a cyst in her body which turns out to be a remnant of her unborn twin-sister… a twin-sister whose spirit apparently is very much alive and carrying a grudge.

The movie is a bit poorly done (probably low-budget) which unfortunately affects its scare-factor. Sometimes the bad props made me laugh instead of giving me the chills. But it was entertaining and is suitable for people who don’t really like hardcore horror movies but just wants some excitement and a tragic story of ghosts and murder.

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