Japanese Rabbit Horror!

N.B: There might be some disturbing pictures in this post for sensitive people!

Yesterday I felt for watching a horror movie and randomly picked a Japanese one. I will tell you shortly about it here with no spoilers. Maybe you get curious and watch it too?

But if you’re looking for a really good scare, this movie might not be something for you since I would say it rather gives you thrills instead of terror. But sometimes that’s nice too, isn’t it?

Movie Japanese title: Rabitto hora 3D (Rabbit Horror)
English title: Tormented
Year: 2011

Anyway, it all starts with this young boy, Daigo, who finds a dying rabbit outside school. He crushes it with a rock to put it out from its misery and becomes the schools  hated “rabbit killer”.

Movie Japanese title: Rabitto hora 3D (Rabbit Horror) English title: Tormented

His older sister, Kiriko, works at the school as a librarian and can’t speak. Something tells that it hasn’t always been like that. She is the one who gives Daigo comfort when not even their father seems to put any notice to him. There is no mother in the picture. Kiriko and Daigo had different mothers and both of them are dead. Daigo’s mother died when she gave birth to Daigo.

Movie Japanese title: Rabitto hora 3D (Rabbit Horror) English title: Tormented
One night, Kiriko and Daigo goes to the theater to watch a 3D horror movie. Suddenly a stuffed rabbit is thrown from the movie screen and Daigo catches it. He puts it in his bag and and no one seem to notice. Later that night when everybody have gone to bed, Daigo discovers that the rabbit is gone and he gets up to look for it. What he didn’t know was that there is a connection between the rabbit and his dead mother… and this is where hell breaks loose for this boy… or may I say his sister…

This movie was pretty confusing from time to time, but it explains itself, kind of, while you’re watching. Some things I still don’t get for sure though. But you are probably smarter than me. ^_-

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