Foreign fan assaulted Japanese fan at GazettE-concert and the band is pissed!

A foreign fan made a fool of herself the other day and truly let the band down. As a foreign fan myself, I feel ashamed.

Aoi on Twitter:
“today’s LIVE was supposed to be perfect. it was, until that moment*, huh.”
“I’m truly sorry! from next time on I’ll be standing at attention to tackle this!”
“what happened today is a secret between us and everyone who was there today. I’m really sorry!”
“today I was feeling really good and I made a hole bunch of strange faces but that thing in the end really put me in a cold sweat, in the style of Inachuu.** aah, I wanna erase that.”

Ruki on Twitter:

“thanks for today, Kanagawa! it was filled with emotions! thank you for coming.”
“a fight over a pet bottle? someone got injured? what happened?”
“I saw the picture, it’s awful…I can’t help but worry if that kid is ok and I really want that other person who forcibly took away the pet bottle to reflect on their behavior. because of this breach of manners the heat of the LIVE is diminished by half. I really want everyone who comes to our LIVES to go home having enjoyed themselves.”

Translated by

Yesterday during the GazettE’s concert in Kanagawa, a foreign fan attacked and assaulted a Japanese fan. They were both trying to catch a water bottle that Ruki threw to the audience and you know that can be a moment of chaos. I guess we all have been there, stretching our arms as much as possible, trying to focus on the object that comes more and more near and spreading our fingers… but who do actually BITE another person in a situation like this. BITING until it bleeds?

Yes, this is what did happen and apparently the Japanese girl got hurt pretty bad. As you can see on the pictures below, it’s not exactly just a “nibble”…  No wonder that Ruki got pissed.

Ruki: “I saw the picture, it’s awful…”

Some foreign fans are worried that this will affect their access to Japanese GazettE concerts in the future. I’s not that easy for a foreign fan to get a glimpse of the GazettE, even though HERESY for foreign fans has made it much easier nowadays. There was a similar incident one year ago. A foreign fan punched a Japanese fan in a fight over Kai’s drumstick. I guess our bad reputation is somewhat justly, even though there are thousands of us – and only a handful make a fool out of themselves.


In one way, I’m not surprised though, ’cause according to me, non-Japanese fans are terrible. There is no manners at European concerts for instance. Going to a concert in Japan is heaven compared to that. Japanese fans show respect. You get plenty of room to dance and breathe even if it’s crowded. In Europe, you rather must fight the concert through and hope you will stay conscious until the end. A concert is for all people there, not for a single person. But still, some fans seems to think so.


I hope this won’t infect the relationship between Japanese and foreign GazettE fans, even though there already are some grudge. I suggest we all do our best to show the Japanese fans that we are as well-mannered as they are – cause we respect the band and hence ALL their fans.

And with this last speech I don’t say that Japanese concerts always is a dance on roses, but let’s talk about that another time.

I truly hope that this won’t affect the GazettE’s picture of their foreign fans. I truly hope the Japanese girl get better soon and that the foreign attacker feel ashamed.

Let’s love the GazettE together in peace!

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  1. Terrible what happened.. but I don’t think the foreign fans should all be judged because of 1 stupid girl. Most foreign fans are nice. Of course there is a lot of different between countries. I myself am from the Netherlands where people (just like in Japan) respect each other, while concerts at Germany and France are MUCH more violent. It’s a shame bands often skip the Netherlands and Belgium.. I wish we could show them what good fans we are! But instead, we get judged for something 1 person did (I saw the most awful comments from Japanese fans about foreign fans in GENERAL on Twitter). It makes me very sad.

    • Sorry but I’ve been at a concert in the netherlands in Amsterdam, I’m from germany and people were actually really rude, the girls infront of me kept throwing their bags at me, staring at me and earlier when we arrived as soon as they noticed us speaking german they kept starring and saying “germans suck, germany sucks!” Not even concerts, every time I go to the netherlands I meet that people that attack me for beeing german, I never noticed anyone beeing like that ever in germany but there are bad people everywhere. Even in Japan, I also heard storys from jap fans that are way more scary than all of this.

      • He’s the one
        Who likes all our pretty songs
        And he likes to sing along
        And he likes to shoot his gun
        But he knows not what it means
        Knows not what it means when I say ah…

  2. That’s awful. I’m kinda ashamed now, because I’m european too… Of course I know how terrible can people from our contries act… but we all the same band so we should act like family, right? Sorry if there’re any mistakes, english is not something I’m good at 😀

    • Even if we feel ashamed, it’s not our fault. It’s just a few people who can’t behave and then make us all look bad. It’s so unnecessary. :-/

  3. I went to a standing live in Tokyo last year (Buck-Tick) and I was amazed that I could stand fairly close to the stage and still be able to breathe. Years ago I was at a H.I.M. concert in NYC and I lasted one song before I needed to escape the crowd. I was afraid for my life! All this to say, it’s important to remember to act accordingly when you’re in a different country (I’m Canadian) AND to know ahead of time exactly what to expect. Do your research, foreign fans!!

  4. This is totally disgusting. I always condemned these kind of acts, no matter what.

    To be honest, I can’t agree with what you said about ‘European fans’. There are worst publics (just saying). But the thing is… SOME fans are really stupid, but stupidity exists all around the world. There is always a stupid ‘fan’ in each crowd of each country.
    In fact, who knows from where is that stupid creature? People just knows that is a foreigner, right?

    People (soooome people) nowadays tend to act like savages during gigs. It’s like… come on, you paid to have an awesome, happy and epic moment in your life or you paid to punch and assault the others? I’m tired of kids today.
    I’m honest… here in Portugal things are not so crazy like in some places but fuck… time to time here we go with a stupid bunch of kids moshing you, smashing you against the bars (if you can get in the first row) and so on. This shit piss me off a lot because I like to jump and dance, and I’m there to have fun… not to be charged. >.>
    Despite of… I know a girl who was attacked in France, during their last show in 2013 (?), by a girl who gone from here too (but it’s not portuguese) because the damn Kai’s drumstick. The stupid chick almost suffocated this girl. This is awesome… someone who pays a lot to travel to another country and pays a lot for the gig’s ticket, to see an awesome band… almost dies there (in the perspective of the unfortunated one)/kills someone (in the perspective of the stupid one). But this is just a case in so many that happens, not only with GazettE… but for sure that happens mainly with japanese bands. In Europe, America or fuck… even in Japan are girls fighting between them time to time. What is a total fatuity.

  5. I hope this doesn’t reflect badly onto foreign fans, we’re not all like this. I really hope the Japanese fan is okay. I get it, Ruki threw it, I would have loved to catch it too but if someone else caught it then they get to have it, a water bottle isn’t worth assaulting someone over.

  6. This is why I turned Japanese (metaphorically, it’s what I tell people) several years ago. The west seems to have such little respect of others and generally has little self-awareness but much self-centeredness. I want to live in peace and harmony with others and look to Asia, especially Japan to bring those values into my life. I hope Japanese fans will have patience with foreign fans and recognize that we come because we do respect and admire their culture. Music brings us together and this incident at a concert of the GazettE, a band we all love so much, is a teaching moment. I think we are all more aware and a sense of shame is felt by all of us who fell that we are guests of Japanese culture. I hope the Japanese girl who was injured recovers well and does not judge all foreigners because of this. I hope that the person how did it, after self reflection, works the rest of their life making amends and be a better person. We are all learning and growing with the help of the GazettE. I am reminded of one of their songs.

    Do you think that you are hard?
    Really harder than the other
    Man you’re acting cold
    If you are not in charge
    Do you think that you are better
    Really better than the rest
    You realized there’s a problem
    I know that you can give your best
    Open your eyes, open your mind
    Proud like a god don’t pretend to be blind
    Trapped in yourself, break out instead
    Beat the machine that works in your head

  7. I was recently in Los Angeles for a concert by Femme Fatale. It was the first time they had been out of Japan. I felt very proud of the audience because they were respectful of each other and the band. They were very supportive and very responsive to the band. Full of energy but not aggressive in any way. Also, the band totally felt it too. There was an intense bond between the band and the audience which was pure love. This is what it is suppose to be like. We are learning how to behave, have fun, care about each other and love the music together. I know the band really enjoyed it from their tweets. This is much more the case than an isolated stupid thoughtless action. Remember, we all do love each other more than anything.

  8. I agree with all of you. I hope that the Japanese fan recovers well . What that foreign fan did is unacceptable. I hope that foreign fan regrets what they have done. I’m American and I hope that Japan doesn’t think that all foreigners are like that because we’re not. I respect and admire Japanese culture. I hope to go to Japan someday.

  9. what happened is awful srsly. that girl is crazy but not all fans are idiots. i go to concerts in finland (i’m from estonia) and most of people there respect each other. i’ve been visiting many small and big jrock concerts there and only one where i felt like dying was the gazettes concert 2013. i was in first row and it was hard to breath because people were pushing a lot.. but i undertand!! there was a lot of young people who went to see them first time and ofc everyone were excited! in other concerts like born x lycaon last year people were acting a lot more mature. i also went to see the gazette in japan 2014 few times and japanese faans were nice to me, talked with me and had fun with me. i hope it’ll not change after this thing what happened now. /sigh

  10. Is why japanese don’t like foreigners, they are kind of xenophobic for some good reasons. Are there a lot of japanese who don’t like european or american people, is why some japanese make noises of disgust when are around them because they don’t like them.

  11. It’s not about race or culture gap. It’s matter of respect, good manners and proper conduct (behavior). Yes we go to concert to enjoy ourselves. But we should be aware and considerate of our sorrounding too. As stated above, one should not be selfish for it can ruin the mood of event. It’s not only for one to enjoy but for everybody who is in there. This is just pure disappointment. (Sigh).

  12. I feel really upset because this foreigner “fan” is a really bad example and makes Japanese people have a bad image about us, and we’re not like that, we’re not aggressive.
    But I do not agree when here the article says “There is no manners at European concerts for instance”; Let me clarify that I’ve never ever been to an European concert, yet I do know that they aren’t that bad, they aren’t even savage or something. I’m from South America and concerts here are really passionate, really different compared to Japan’s ones: here the audience is in an active mood from the beginning of the show to the end of it. I don’t want to expand on this too much, but I want to make clear that foreigners shows or foreigners audiences aren’t “bad”, they (actually we) are just DIFFERENT from what, for example, Asian people can expect or are used to in their countries.

  13. The GazettE are on tour and I will be seeing them in San Francisco. I will remember this issue and discussion and make a conscious effort to be respectful to others. The attitude we go into a situation with affects what happens. Reality is as we expect it to be. A positive focused heart is more powerful in shaping reality than a negative one. Consciousness can change the world around you. I hope those who will be going to see them outside of Japan might consider this possible and see what happens.

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